«The Magic Chest»

«The Magic Chest»

For the students of the 4th grade of school number 64, a media presentation “Magic Chest” was made by the books of the member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, laureate of the Association of Journalists and Film Workers Orynbay Zhanaydarov – “Legends of Ancient Kazakhstan”, “Myths of Ancient Kazakhstan” and “Traditions of Ancient Kazakhstan” .

There were myths, legends and legends about the origin of people, about natural sights of Kazakhstan, covered with legends.

The main attention of the children was accentuated by myths, legends connected with the Karaganda region – Shaytankol Lake, Bektau – ata and Shyrak Tas mountains, Balkhash Lake and Betpak desert, the legend of Karaganda and others.

In the end, the participants of the event were shown a documentary film “The Legend of the Ulytau Mountains” of the “Kazah TV” TV channel of the “Legends and Legends of the Kazakh Land” cycle.

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