The World Book Day …

The World Book Day …

The 23rd of April is the World Book and Copyright Day, approved by UNESCO in 1995.Its celebration is designed to promote the book business and encourage reading.

The world Book Day is a celebration, a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, a celebration of reading.

The book gives us the necessary words to read and re-read them when and how we want – in bed, at the table or stretched out on the floor, slowly, consecutively or in pieces.

On this day, the guests of the library were pupils of the regional boarding school for children with NODA.

Children in the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the intellectual hall “Kunshuaq” got acquainted with the work of the Kazakh writer Marat Kabanbayev, who would turn 70 on the 22nd of March , 2018, and whose name became known to the whole world in 1990, when Marat Kabanbayev for the story “Here I am – experienced! “was awarded the Honorary Diploma named after H. – H. Andersen, the second most important award after the Andersen International Prize, awarded every two years by the International Council on the Children’s Book (UNESCO). This was the first recognition of Kazakhstani children’s literature at the international level.

Children listened with great attention to one of the author’s latest works, the story “Meeting on the bus”, watched a feature film “When you’re 12 years old”, filmed at the film studio “Kazakhfilm” based on the novel by Marat Kabanbayev “The Sky in Dandelions”.

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