The World of the Poetry

The World of the Poetry

The first meeting of 2018, the club “By the steps of Abai…” was held on the 8th of February in the form of a poetic circle “The World of the Poetry” with the aim of supporting the creative abilities of children. The participants were students of grades 8-9 of the educational-innovative lyceum-boarding school № 1 and secondary school № 41.

A call to spirituality is one way of keeping a generation losing its roots and being. Kazakh roots in poetry …

During the event the students read poetry of Kazakh poets expressively, and young talents, trying themselves in poetry, recited their poems: “Abai Atam”, “Saken agaga”, “Kazakh tili”, “Aylim”.

At the end of the event, an overview of the book exhibition was held, where works of children’s poets of Kazakhstan and young poets of the beginning were presented.
Students who took active part were rewarded with letters of thanks

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