“Three characters in the background of the history”

“Three characters in the background of the history”

A very important date in the life of our country is June 4, because 26 years ago the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan were adopted, which became the main proof of our sovereignty and independence.

The hour of citizenship “Three Characters Against the Background of History” was held for the children of the summer camp “Smileys” organized by the teacher of primary classes of Gymnasium  1 Ekaterina Rent.

The participants of the event learned that the development of official symbols in the history of the formation of Kazakhstan’s state independence occupied a special place. All Kazakhstan people took part in the creation of new symbols, and it was not so much a struggle for victory and prizes, as a vivid testimony of Kazakhstan’s patriotism.

Coat of Arms, Anthem, State flag is the face of the state. Throughout the world, citizens turn their gaze to state symbols, as signs of the unity of the people.

The children watched the videos, from which they learned when and by whom the state symbols of Kazakhstan were created, why they are needed, what is their application, and all together performed the hymn.

To consolidate the received material, an interactive game “Ancestral land is a golden cradle” was conducted,  which children answered questions about state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, historical past and traditions of our country.

The event was finished with a photo session at the book exhibition “Memlekettik ramіzder – ulttyq aishyqty tanbasy”, decorated in a mass work hall.

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