Vacations in the library

Vacations in the library

Autumn holidays – for children this is a short break in the school year. They take place at a time when studies have already become a little bored, the weather is cool, and plans are being made in my head to relax and what to do.

Each child’s vacation should be fun and interesting. A library will help to conduct them with interest, where you can play, have fun, learn something new, read your favorite books.

On October 30, students of grades 1–5 of secondary school 34 and pupils of the “Qulynshaq ” orphanage became guests of our library.

After a guided tour of the library, the younger students competed in an intellectual game – the Quiz “Clever and Clever”, during which they guessed literary riddles, answered questions of logical tasks and the literary quiz “Along Fairy Tales Road”, and children of the 5th grade took part in the conversation – discussion “The role of the book in my life.”

On this day, everyone was charged with an unforgettable and excellent mood until the end of the holidays, got acquainted with the latest in children’s literature from the library.

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