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Майлин Беимбет


mailin125enMaylin Beimbet


(November 15, 1894 - November 10, 1938) 

Kazakh writer, playwright, one of the founders of Kazakh Soviet literature.

The creative way of Beimbet Mailin began with the creation of poetic works - the first poem published in the periodical press was Dumas (Aykap magazine, 1914, No. 12). In the poems "Muslim Traits" (1912), "Need" (1913), "Cattle" (1914), "Wealth" (1915), "Summer Evening" (1915) Mileen described his thoughts about life, injustice, a heavy share of the worker people.

Beimbet Maylin is the author of more than ten poems. The first collection of poems of Mailin was published in 1936 under the name "Marzhan". Among the written poems are: “The Bay daughter” (1917), “The Girl of Razia” (1919), “The Fugitive” (1921), “Marzhan” (1923), dedicated to the tragic fate of the Kazakh girl in the pre-revolutionary aul, “Kanai” (1928) , "Sagyndyk" (1927), "The Tale of an Old Woman" (1927), describing the Civil War and the establishment of Soviet power in Kazakhstan.

The writer made a great contribution to the development of the prose genre in Kazakhstan, especially the story. Among the written stories are: “Eighty Rubles” (1918), “Equality of the Poor” (1923), “Ayranbai” (1924), “Lunar Pacer” (1924), “Justified Labor” (1928), “Red Striped Fur” (1928 ), “Letter of Shapai” (1928), “Chairman of the Kamil collective farm” (1930), “Black bucket” (1930), “Ulbosyn” (1930), “Mukysh, the son of Arystanbai” (1930) and others.

In 1937 he was repressed, shot in 1938, rehabilitated posthumously in 1957. In the Dolinsk Museum of the Memory of the Victims of Political Repression, a photo gallery of outstanding prisoners of Karlag has been set up. At the stand, you can also see a snapshot of the wife of Kazakhstan writer Beimbet Mailin - Kuljamal. She was arrested in 1939 immediately after the execution of her husband, and sentenced to 8 years in a labor camp. She was sent to Karlag, she served her time in the camp office of Batyk, where she worked as a shepherd.

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