Evening of opinions “Dauirdіn dara tulgasy”

On September 23, the library hosted an evening of opinions “Dauirdin Dara tulgasy”, which was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the outstanding writer Mukhtar Auezov.
The guys watched an excerpt from the documentary film “Secrets. Fate. Names. Mukhtar Auezov. The librarian told about the little-known facts of the life and work of the classic of Kazakh literature. Students 10, 11 “A” of gymnasium 1 shared their impressions of the read works. Alexey Lemko told about how he, as an actor, participated in the production of a play about the life of Abai “Know, descendant, I laid the road for you” in the Karaganda State Order of Friendship of Peoples Russian Drama Theater named after K.S.Stanislavsky. Each of the participants of the evening expressed his opinion about the work of M. Auezov.
An interesting digression from the dialogue was a speech about the influence of M. Auezov’s work on modern Kazakh literature, Master of Pedagogical Sciences G. Zhumadilova.

Republican festival “KitapTime-2022”

On September 23, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the initiative of the National Academic Library, the republican book festival “KitapTime-2022” was held at the site of the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.
As part of the book festival, the library held a training on the collection of the ethnoconstructor “Yurt”, organized an open microphone “Let’s be friends with the book”, where children expressively recited poems.

«Perspective Digital Technologies for Children’s Libraries»

On September 23, the library hosted a regional workshop “Perspective Digital Technologies for Children’s Libraries” for 35 children’s librarians of the region.
Today, a librarian must be multitasking, mobile, and keep up with the times. Be competent in the IT field.
Questions were raised about the fact that modern children grow up very early, quickly master new technologies, help us, librarians, to master them, and in return we teach them to love books.
During the seminar, a constructive dialogue took place, from the invited guests – professional specialists Sergey Andreevich Chinyaev (tutor of the KIBEROne International Programming School), Polina Andreevna Kim (Sales manager of the SMM agency One) made recommendations on providing children with information services; high-quality content in social networks, digital recommendation services to introduce children to reading; availability and preservation of information in libraries; electronic resources of libraries in the legal space and others. The applications and programs that are most popular among children, and which are created by them on their own, are named.
You can find more information about the work of the seminar on the library website in the “Professionals” section.

Тhe Free Style art workshop

The next lesson of the Free Style art workshop was on the topic of creating a “zebra bracelet”. Our regular readers have learned how to make simple and beautiful bracelets from thin beads of a bright and delicate color. Colored small beads, scissors, hair threads, a needle were used to make the bracelet.

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh !”

At the next lesson of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh !” the guys got acquainted with new words on the topic “World of toys”.
Children learned to pronounce the names of toys, colors and what they are made of in the Kazakh language.


«Electric motor»

On September 16, an experiment was conducted in our library laboratory «Entertaining Science» that helped to understand the power of magnets. Everyone can do this experiment at home, because all you need to implement it is one AA battery, a magnet and some copper wire. Experience shows how these items can be used to make an electric motor. The electric motor from the battery starts working because the movement of charged particles (electric charge) that has arisen in the wire is affected by a magnetic field that deflects the direction of their movement. In physics, this deviation is called the Lorentz force. When the direction of the current strength is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field lines, the particles move in a circle.

Oral magazine “While poems live, live poets “

On September 16, in the library named after Abai , within the framework of the club “Qauyrsyn qalam “, an oral magazine “While poems live, live poets
“ was held , dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Kazakh poet, writer, publicist and translator Syrbay Maulenov. The main theme of S. Maulenov’s work was the war, he wrote about his comrades who did not come from the battlefield, about the horrors of war, about the need to live in peace.
The participants of the event learned some facts from the life of the author and got acquainted with the young poetess Yana Grigorkevich. The winner of many literary competitions read her poem about the war and the fairy tale about the origin of the world.
The event was attended by 10th grade students of secondary school 15. The children listened with interest to the speakers, asked questions, shared their impressions. The meeting was very warm and sincere.

To the 90th anniversary of Sherkhan Murtaza

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Sherkhan Murtaza, an outstanding figure, an amazing writer who brought up more than one generation of journalists in Kazakhstan.
For a rich work activity and great achievements in the literary field, an outstanding Kazakhstani was awarded many honorary titles and awards. He started creating as a student. The first were translations into Kazakh: books for children by K. Mustai “The Joy of Our Home”, Hungarian folk tales, the fairy tale “Old Man Hottabych” by L. Lagin, fairy stories by H.K. Andersen, works by Ch. Aitmatov. The author wrote novels, poems, stories, novels, plays.
We invite readers to get acquainted with the book exhibition “Kemel oily, zerdeli zhazushi”, which presents not only his works, but also periodicals about the life and work of the writer.

An Open Day

The Abai  Library has a wonderful September tradition – to hold an Open Doors Day. And although the doors of the library are always open, it is this day that becomes a highlight for the reader.

Today, library guests and readers learned about new books and contemporary authors, got acquainted with book exhibitions, became participants in the informative interactive “Book in the Lens”, librarians conducted tours of the library halls, introduced them to library services, invited them to reader clubs and circles.

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Abai Library organized a book exhibition “Ata zanym aibynym!” to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exhibition presents materials on the stages of formation of the Kazakh state, reference publications on the history of Kazakhstan and the development of constitutional law.

During the years of independence, the Constitution of Kazakhstan has been repeatedly supplemented. First of all, the Constitution remains an expression of the rights and freedoms of every person.

The children were interested in such publications as: E. Shaimerdenov “Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Memlekettik anurany ”, S. Trofimova “Kazakhstan tauelsizdiginin ramizderi ”, F. Sapargaliev “Memlekettik quqyq zhane teoriyasy “, “Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Konstitiutsiasy”. A quiz was held for readers on knowledge of the fundamentals of the main law of the country.