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Ludmila E. Melnikova

Ludmila E. Melnikova

She is a worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Composers' Union of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, laureate of international competitions of art song, music teacher, Excellence in Education of Kazakhstan, corresponding member of International Academy of Informatization. The popular children's Kazakh composer, producer and poet.
        Melnikova Lyudmila E. was born September 10, 1955 in Karaganda. She graduated from the Karaganda musical college named Tattimbet, Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture, assistantship Leningrad Institute of Culture named after NK Krupskaya (choral conducting).
She is an author of more than 400 pieces of music, choruses, ballads, instrumental pieces, musical tales, including 300 songs published in 10 books and 15 albums with Kazakhstan and Russia, among them eight collections of songs for children. Ludmila Melnikova publishes CD-ROMs and karaoke, videos, songs of local composers, which are integrated in the public association "Balausa". Most of the songs written on her own poems, which have been translated into Kazakh, English, German.
In 2005 published a collection of sheet music with songs the author of "Festival. Songs for Children and Young People "for fans of vocal art, music teachers and amateur managers.
The books with her work: "Songs. Choirs "(musical publications, 1996.)," Childhood "(Song, 2000)." You, my favorite city "(a collection of poems and songs about Karaganda, 2004.)" Balausa auenderi "(songs for children, 2006). "Impromptu" (pieces, ensembles for piano, 2007.).
 The most popular songs are musicals for children and youth. Her songs are in the cities and regions and abroad at festivals, contests, concerts, music lessons, television programs and extra-curricular activities. Many songs are awarded with diplomas and prizes at national competitions, "Aynalayyn" (Almaty, 2002), "Elim Menin» (Astana, 2004).
Kids composer is helping young talents, budding composers and performers. In his creative activity L.Melnikova collaborates with composers V.Shainskim, Ya.Dubrovinym, V.Chistyakovym (Russia), S.Erkimbekovym, E.Usenovym, S.Abdinurovym (Kazakhstan).
She organized the regional competition "Young composer", "Balbobek", "Rauan", "Zhas Talap", author patriotic song festival, «MUZANOT» nominal competition composer.
Karaganda composer Ludmila Melnikova presented the children's musical "The Adventures of Jonathan" at the World Economic Forum in Africa, in the Kingdom of Morocco. His Kazakh-American creative project authors previously presented in Kazakhstan, China and Indonesia.
She was awarded the honorary title "Madeniet kairatkeri" has medals, diplomas.

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