18.07.2018 | There was a fairy tale ...

Every child loves to dream, fantasize, play, create, travel. Yes - yes it is to travel, especially on the pages of your favorite books.

The informative and playful kaleidoscope "There was a fairy tale ..." was held for pupils of the children's center "Hogwarts" and young residents of our city on the summer playground in front of the library.

17.07.2018 | Merry science. Experiments with soda

Our readers are very inquisitive. All and in time they need to know. On July 17, the library hall turned into a small laboratory with smart and young researchers. The children of the kindergarten "Gvozdichka" took part in the scientific experiments using soda.

11.07.2018 l In order not to get bored in the summer - choose what to read

"In order not to get bored in the summer - choose what to read!" - under this motto was an exhibition-advertisement, participants of which were the children of the school camps of the school №44 and №64, young Karaganda residents and their parents on the summer reading site "Summer. Children. Book " on the 11th of July.

11.07.2018 l Алқоңыр дүние

11 июля в библиотеке прошел литературный вечер, посвященный творчеству поэта Тыныштыкбека Абдикакимова, имеющего особенный стиль в казахской поэзии. Мероприятие было организовано в поддержку поэта, выдвинутого на соискание Государственной премии. Модератором выступил поэт Жалел Шалкар.

10.07.2018 l Kazakh National Clothes

Great people said: "The most beautiful clothes are national clothes". On July 10, the children of the School 50 became participants in the "Kazakh National Clothes" familiarization hour.





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