22.05.2014 | Celebration of childhood

Every year on June 1 in International Children's Day Regional Children's Library of Abay, with the support of the Regional Department of Culture holds for city kids a great holiday.  This year, before the Regional Kazakh Drama Theater S. Seifullin held theatrical musical performance "We are children of the mining capital", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the city of Karaganda. The celebration will be attended orphanages "Tansholpan", "Kulynshak" pupil’s city.

16.05.2014 | To the Victory Day

"Soldiers of the Great Victory", meeting devoted to the Victory Day was held on May 5th in the service department of primary school-age students to the 2nd "B" class gymnasium № 1. The event was attended by Baranov Konstantin Ivanovich, World War II veteran, a member of the partisan movement in Belarus, Misochenko Nina Alekseevna worker rear, Asadchaya Zinaida Ivanovna representative of the Belarusian national center "Spadchina".

Hour of ethnography "The inflorescence friendship - Kazakhstan"

On the eve of the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan on April 29 at the library an hour passed ethnography "The inflorescence friendship - Kazakhstan" students 4"B" class of Secondary General School № 63, two students "ә" class gymnasium № 45.

On the anniversary of Karaganda

April 23 at the auditorium of the cinema «Saryzhaylau», the concluding event of the festival «Zhaynay ber, zharkyray ber, Karagandy» - award winners. The festival started on February 1 and was conducted with the support of the support of the Department of culture, archives and documents of the Karaganda region. The event was organized for children raised in orphanages and correctional specialized boarding schools Karaganda region.

Action "One сountry - one book"

On April 24 in the framework of action  "One country - one book "  the debate about work of the famous Kazakh writer Sain Muratbekov "The smell of wormwood" on the theme "Asil aganyn abzal іzderі" was held in Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abay.





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