Since 2005, in the department for servicing children of preschool and primary school age classes at the Shuaq children’s art studio have been held.

The studio was created with the aim of developing the creative abilities of children 3-11 years old. In the classroom, children read the best works of children’s literature and with their own hands from various materials create crafts-images of the heroes of books read.

The children learn various types of creative techniques: facing, drawing, sculpting, decorating, 3D-application, manual assembly, bending technique, quilling, etc.

The best crafts of children are exhibited at the exhibition ” Workshop of children’s creativity”. The studio is visited by pupils of orphanages “Qulynshaq”, “Tansholpan”, children with disabilities in health, readers of the library. Parents, grandparents and children are actively involved in the work of the studio.

Our employees constantly invite young readers to spend their leisure time in the library, attend studio classes, get acquainted with new children’s works and create heroes with their own hands.

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