The activities of the club began in 1996 under the name “In the footsteps of Abai …”, which included the popularization of the work of Abai Kunanbayev.

Since 2018, the goals and name of the literary club have changed. The “Qauyrsyn  qalam ” club unites young teenagers who are passionate about writing literary works.

Talented readers are involved in club activities, creating their own literary works. Meetings with young authors and journalists are held at the meetings, new directions in literature are discussed, new works of their own composition are read. Club members actively contribute to the holding of various literary events, challenges, creative evenings, etc.

Throughout the year, the children present their works, the best of which are published in the library almanac “Qauyrsyn Qalam” and published in the republican magazines and newspapers.

Age group: 12 to 15 years old

Club meetings in 2018:

World of poetry

My video in prose

Young writer

Dear Readers!

 You can see about the creative platforms of the literary club “Qauyrsyn qalam” on the official website of the library and on the pages of the social network instagram.

We invite you to become a member of the club!

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