«Competencies of a librarian in modern realities»

On May 24-25 this year, the library hosted an internship “Librarian Competences in Modern Realities” for 53 regional librarians working with children.
The purpose of the internship: the creation of a communication and information and methodological platform for effective interaction and development of librarians of the region in the state and Russian languages.
The first day began with welcoming words from the director of the library Uatayeva B.K. Further, fruitful work on the program began for the participants of the internship, and the very first was a training in two languages «How to write a project competently», during which recommendations were given on how to draw up a package of documentation.
Also on this day, colleagues were expected to have an interactive training format organized by the staff of the Abai RCL, a master class «Algorithm for creating a quiz in the Kahoot program», practical classes «Creating Stories and Reels in social networks», «Technology for creating videos in the Movavi Video Editor program Plus», «Working with the electronic catalog».
During all classes, librarians received homework assignments that had to be completed online.
On the second day of the internship, librarians took part in a bibliographic game – the training «New Names in Kazakhstani Literature» in two languages. After the training, the creative works of each participant of the internship were defended, colleagues exchanged views, expressed their wishes.
This internship format allowed the colleagues of the region not only to learn new things, master the skills of mastering various programs, develop the ability to work in a team, but also reflect on their own ideas and expectations from library work, competencies that are important for an ordinary librarian and library managers.

Internship Program

«Perspective Digital Technologies for Children’s Libraries»

On September 23, 2022, the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai held a regional seminar – a workshop for specialists of libraries serving children on the topic “Perspective digital technologies for children’s libraries”. The seminar was attended by 35 specialists from children’s libraries of the Karaganda region: heads of city and district children’s libraries, methodologists in charge of children’s branches, librarians.
The main issues for discussion were: new approaches in the context of expanding the information space, the specifics of introducing new information technologies in children’s libraries, including mobile applications, and the exchange of professional experience.
The seminar was opened by the head of the RCL named after Abai Uataeva Bayan Kuanyshevna, who focused on the importance of digital technologies and professional competencies in the work of children’s libraries in the new realities.
Based on the study of library accounts on the social network Instagram, the sales manager of the SMM agency One www.instagram.com/smm_karaganda_one/, Karaganda Kim Polina Andreevna presented recommendations on creating professional mobile content, designing a profile, setting up mailings through social networks and instant messengers. The topic of assigning and creating stories on a social network was revealed, which applications need to be mastered in order to create effective and high-quality stories. The specialist also noted the importance of communication in the community, interactivity in social networks.
Ganzura Diana Yuryevna, director of the SMM agency One, presented the work of the agency, spoke about the readiness of cooperation in the field of information technology with the libraries of the region to promote advanced training and develop the competencies of librarians.
In her report, the head of the innovation and methodological department of the Karaganda RCL named after Abai Zhusupova Saule Zhamanbaevna noted the features of the practice of media consumption of information by modern children, what media platforms are popular among them, the prospects for using new technologies in organizing the digital environment of the library, such as touchscreen, touch versions when using electronic catalogs, sensory equipment, etc.
For effective interaction with a young audience in a digital environment, librarians need to improve their professional skills, how they develop this area in their work, said acting. Head of the Central Regional Clinical Hospital of the Nurinsk Central Library Service Tastybai Akerke Zhanatkyzy.
Employees of the Nurinsky CBS were trained and received certificates at the online course “Creative librarian”, organized by the NAB RK (Astana), to study Service Sparkol videoscribe; “Training for trainers on media and information literacy”, organized by the Public Association “Kazakhstan AmCorners Network” with the support of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. After the advanced training, the specialists, without stopping on their laurels, conducted trainings throughout the network for the rural libraries of the region.
A constructive dialogue took place between the participants of the seminar and a tutor of the international KIBEROne Programming School, a practicing web designer Sergey Andreevich Chinyaev. https://karaganda.kiber-one.kz/
During the presentation, the participants not only got acquainted with the activities of the cyber school, what modern skills children from 6 to 14 years old master, what applications are created under the guidance of school teachers, but also with world statistics on the number of Internet users, users – children of social networks in the world.
Not so long ago, books of non-traditional formats appeared in modern libraries, among which literature with augmented reality stands out, which is in demand among young users.
Valentina Vladimirovna Zholnerchuk, methodologist of the Libraries Development Department of the Shahtinsk Central Library , shared her experience of creating such an augmented reality book “Shakhtinsk is my favorite city” by making a video presentation. After downloading the Shakhtinsk mobile application with augmented reality technology, which allows viewing video and 3D animation, the participants of the seminar got acquainted with the contents of the local history book, showed interest in how it is possible to cooperate with the Bigdream publishing house.
After all the speeches, the staff of the RCL named after Abai held practical classes on the use of the Quiver mobile application with augmented reality, the TikTok service in promoting books and reading.
At the end of the seminar for children’s librarians of the region, the head of the RCL named after Abai Uataev B.K. handed over several copies of the book – a collection of essays and art works of Kazakhstani children about their dreams “I Have a Dream”. It is gratifying that this collection includes creative works of children from the city of Karaganda and Nurinsky district.
The book was the result of summing up the results of the republican competition, was published in 2021 by Vlast Media Group LLP and provided in the amount of 64 copies as a gift to the Abai RCL for distribution in the libraries of the Karaganda region.
The professional meeting provided all participants with the opportunity to get acquainted with new perspectives of digital technologies and services in library and information services for children, establish professional contacts with leading experts from the IT field, and exchange practical experience with colleagues from other libraries in the region.

Seminar materials

“The role of the competence of the librarian in supporting the family and preserving the traditions of family reading”

On May 24, 2022, on the basis of the Central District Children’s Library of the Osakarovsk CLS, a regional field seminar “The role of the competence of a librarian in supporting the family and preserving the traditions of family reading” was held, in which more than 50 specialists took part: heads, librarians, methodologists of libraries serving children, out of 18 districts of the Karaganda region. The organizer and moderator of the professional event is the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai.
At the opening of the seminar, the head of the RCL named after Abai B.K. Uataeva and the head of the Osakarovsk CBS E.A. Eremeeva.
The methodological recommendations “Interactive methods: helping the librarian to promote children’s and family reading” were presented by the head of the innovation and methodological department of the Abai RCL S.Zh. Zhusupova who focused the attention of specialists on the formation of a qualified, literate reader, the promotion of conscious reading by children and adults, and the increase in reading speed.
In an informal creative atmosphere in an interactive format, a wide range of different forms of events were presented to the participants of the seminar – “Dynasty of Readers”, “Palette of Librarian’s Readers’ Preferences”, “Literary Podium”, which will encourage young fans of social networks and gadgets to pick up a book together with their parents.
O.B. Mitina, head of the Central Library of the Osakarovskw Central Library, held an open event “The Dynasty of Readers” – an interesting meeting with Irina Nikolaevna Sherer, a representative of a reading family in 4 generations, originally from the Eleftheriyadi family, Greek special settlers from the Caucasus.
Acquaintance with Irina Nikolaevna – an intellectual reader who speaks several languages, a fan of the traditional book and at the same time owns modern technologies, the leading international reader’s blog, left an indelible impression on every librarian.
During the professional event, each of the librarians directly performed practical tasks, participated in the talk show “Kazynaly Kazakhstan” on the study of Kazakh traditions. As a new format for attracting children to reading, this intellectual game, held in two languages, was presented by librarians G.N. Glazun, V. Shinkareva, K.T. Akhmetova D.B. Kustovoy library, Molodezhny settlement.
Librarians from 18 CLSs of the Karaganda region showed their skills and abilities in advertising their favorite book “The Palette of Readers’ Interests“ What does the librarian read? ”, They presented their literary tastes and offered interesting ideas in the work to attract children and families to reading.
The participants of the seminar showed great interest in the “Literary Podium”, consisting of 5 thematic blocks: “Baby’s First Books” – 10 books for the first reading; “Growing up with a book” – 10 books for teenagers; “My fantasy world” – 10 popular fantasy and science fiction books; “We all come from childhood” – 10 books about family, family relationships; “Book-surprise” – a selection of 10 books – riddles.
Colleagues from the children’s libraries of Temirtau, Abai, Shet, Osakarovsk CLS, RCL named after Abai managed to competently and professionally open the books of the book fund of their library. They demonstrated their professional ability to vividly, figuratively and briefly reveal the content of 10 books of each thematic block, all participants were given promotional booklets that they had made themselves.
At the end of the seminar, the head of the RCL named after Abai Uataev B.K. summed up the results of the interactive seminar, wished her colleagues new ideas and their successful implementation.
After the end of the seminar, in order to get acquainted with the history and modern life of the Osakarovsk district, the librarians had excursions to the local history museum, to the Zhastar Children and Youth Center in the village of Osakarovsk.
As part of the seminar, there were also visits to the rural model libraries of the Osakarovsk CLS. Prigarina N.V., a librarian of the village model library of the village, spoke about her experience in library work and achievements. Esil, and Drozhova S.A., librarian of the village model library, p. Butpak.
This professional meeting allowed its participants not only to get acquainted with new areas of work to promote children’s and family reading and hear from experts in this field, but also to exchange practical experience with colleagues and discuss possible promising areas of cooperation.
The organizers of the seminar are sincerely grateful to all speakers, participants for their willingness to share their knowledge and library developments, ideas!

Seminar materials

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International scientific and practical online conference “Socio-cultural mission of the children’s library in the preservation and development of national and family traditions”

On February 28, the ZOOM platform hosted the International Scientific and Practical Online Conference “The Sociocultural Mission of the Children’s Library in the Preservation and Development of National and Family Traditions”, which was attended by 95 specialists, among the participants were the Russian State Children’s Library, the Republican Library for Children and Youth named after K. .Bayalinova (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regional children’s and youth libraries of Kazakhstan, Russia, district and city central library systems of Karaganda region.
Welcoming remarks to the participants were made by Neldybaev Yerlan Mekezhanovich, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Karaganda region; Sultangazieva Roza Kaliyevna, Head of the Republican Library for Children and Youth named after K. Bayalinov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
At the plenary session on the interaction of the family, society with the editorial offices of children’s newspapers and magazines, theaters, creative workshops, speakers such as Gumirova O.N., editor of the “Friendly Guys” department; Serikbol Kh.T., children’s writer, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Munara”; Tilegen Asylan, executive secretary of “Ak Zhelken”; Alekseeva O.S., editor-in-chief of the electronic journal “Reading to children”, organizer of online conferences on children’s and adolescent reading (Moscow, Russia); Rogozhnikova K.V., children’s writer, poetess, teacher of the seminar of literary skills at the Open Literary School of Almaty; Akhmetova Zh.A., head of the literary department of the State Puppet Theatre.
During the thematic section “Children’s Library – the Future of the Nation” 16 speeches of our colleagues were made in different formats, so the master class “Living fairy tales as a way to involve children in spontaneous acting out of literary plots” was presented to the attention of librarians by Potmalnikova N.A., chief psychologist of the Russian Children’s Library (Moscow), a lecture on the medical and psychological aspects of family reading was conducted by Sofia Agacher, writer, doctor , blogger, organizer of the International short family story competition “We and our little wizards” (Moscow).
The most necessary and important topics on family reading, children’s literature, gaming technologies in children’s reading and fairy tale therapy were revealed by colleagues from Russia: the Novosibirsk Regional Children’s Library named after A. M. Gorky, Krasnodar Regional Children’s Library named after the Ignatov brothers, Central City Children’s Library named after. A.P. Gaidar (Moscow).
Video recording of the conference


Library Services for Children: Achievements, Problems and Prospects “

On October 28 of this year, the library hosted a regional online seminar “Library services for children: achievements, problems and prospects” on the “Zoom” platform, in which 62 specialists took part, among the seminar participants were managers, librarians, methodologists of libraries serving children, from 18 districts of the Karaganda region.
The meeting was opened by the head of the library B.K. Uataeva. The report “Reading in the digital age: traditional practices, new opportunities” was made by the head of the innovation and methodological department S. Zh.Zhusupova, who focused the attention of specialists on several significant points on the use of information resources in children’s libraries: websites of writers, publishing houses, book bloggers, mobile communications, thematic selections on information channels, etc.
The successful experience of implementing various projects to promote reading in the children’s environment, to attract volunteers to the library’s activities was presented by the head of the methodological department of the Karaganda Central Library System Keikina S.E. In her speech, it was emphasized that the inclusion of various categories of citizens, in addition to library readers, to volunteer work in the library contributes to the formation and strengthening of its social status.
During the online seminar, M.S. Smagulova, a methodologist of the innovation and methodological department of the ODB named after Abai, presented a new book “Words of edification” by Abai Kunanbayev in children’s drawings. 2 copies of the fundamental work of the Kazakh poet were donated to our library by the Private Foundation “BAURZHAN Foundation” and the Public Foundation “Children Draw the World”.
The new illustrated book includes 45 creative works of winners of young artists from all over Kazakhstan, accompanying 45 short parables and philosophical treatises of the Kazakh enlightener, which raise the problems of national education and worldview, morality and law, the history of Kazakhs. From the Karaganda region, 7 winners were selected from the cities Shakhtinsk, Satpayev, Dubovka, Botakara.
Zhumabekova G.A., the head of the library – branch № 5 of the Temirtau Central Library System, noted in her report “Growing the reader: studying children’s and adolescent reading in children’s libraries”, that questionnaires and polls on various topics are constantly being conducted in children’s libraries of the city, the results of which were presented to the participants seminar. The effectiveness of library services largely depends on knowledge of information needs, the reading circle of readers – children. These studies provide a lot of information for practical work, allow us to offer new library and information services in accordance with the requests of potential and actual consumers.
At the end of the seminar, the head of the ODB named after Abai Uataeva B.K. announced the results of the joint creation of an online resource in the social network Instagram Flashbook “Literature of Kazakhstan about the war of 1941-1945”, informed all participants that the certificates would be sent by e-mail.
The online seminar for specialists serving children provided its participants with the opportunity not only to get acquainted with new areas of work in library services for children and hear leading specialists in this field, but also to exchange practical experience with colleagues and discuss possible promising areas of cooperation.


Workshop materials

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