Art Studio “Free Style” began its activities in 2017.

The first creative activities were conducted by the children , they chose interesting paper crafts and created them as a group. The initiator of collective creativity was a pupil of the 5th grade, Sailau Shugyla.

From November 2018, the art studio offers children to learn how to do Kazakh national embroidery – keste.

Embroidery is one of the most interesting and distinctive types of Kazakh folk art, which is especially interesting for girls and their mothers.

Ibiraim Zhayna, the head of the art studio, introduces interested people with books on national Kazakh embroidery – KESTE and teaches various types of embroidery and technologies of various stitches.

For work on creative studies of the studio, the library provides all the fixtures for free: hoops, needles, threads.

The girls study diligently, rejoice in their small successes and listen to stories about folk embroidery.

We invite you to visit our art studio!

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