85 years to the tale of Pamela Travers "Mary Poppins"

Pamela Lyndon Travers (1899 - 1996) - English actress and writer, mostly known as the author of a series of children's books about Mary Poppins.

"Mary Poppins" - the work of Pamela Travers, who gained a lot of fans around the world.

The book was published in 1934 and gained great fame, becoming a classic of English children's literature. The continuation of the book (“Mary Poppins Returns”) - came out after a year, and “Mary Poppins opens the door” - after 8 years. Later, five more sequels came out, the first of which first saw the light in 1952, and the last after 36 years, in 1988 ..


The story begins simply: a family from the London suburb is looking for a nanny for 4 children. And she flies with the east wind. From these minutes the life of children changes: they drink tea under the ceiling, travel through the paintings and even travel around the world. How the story of an amazing nanny will end, learn from the book about friendship, kindness, respect for the world of children and the ability to live not by the rules.

One of the best screen versions of the tale is the television feature film musical “Mary Poppins, Goodbye,” directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze in two episodes, starring Natalia Andreichenko.