Abeuova Zhanat Seitmuratovna

She was born in the Karaganda region, the village of Aktogay, the village of «Shabanbai (Karatal)» in 1968.
She Graduated from Karaganda Pedagogical Institute with a degree in speech therapist for children with TNR -in 1990, and Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov with a degree in Kazakh language and literature for children with Kazakh language of instruction -in 2001.
She is a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of the highest qualification category, author of the text of the anthem «Bolashak», songs «Zhenis zhuzi», «My Kazakhstan» and «Zhan anashym». She is a school coach in the program «Reflection in practice»; graduated from the course «Leadership in the pedagogical community»;
It is published in collections and discs of the Public Association of Composers of the Karaganda Region «Balausa auenderi» – patriotic songs. The song «Bolashak anurany» became the anthem of the children’s youth organization «Bolashak» of secondary school 17 in Karaganda.
Pupils of Zhanat Seitmuratovna are prize-winners of city, regional and republican competitions in literature.
The work of Zhanat Seitmuratovna is intertwined with the work of the talented Karaganda composer Tatiana Kasimovskaya. Their joint activity gives birth to songs that are intended for children and youth. They are a reflection of the time and events that are taking place in our young, prosperous independent country.
As a result of the creative union, such songs as «Zhenis zhuzi», «My Kazakhstan», the anthem of the children’s youth organization «Bolashak», «Zhan anashym», «My cat», «Balapan» were born. The lyrics are simple and clear, accessible and easy to remember.
In addition to creating poems, Zhanat Abeuova also conducts organizational, pedagogical, and scientific work. Her scientific publications were published in the collection of the republican scientific and practical conference «Qazaq khlaqynyn auyzsha tarikh aitu dasturi – rukhani mura» at the E.A.Buketov KarU. Publication on the topic: «Tole bi – kazaktyn danagoi abyzy» was included in the collection of the reginal-practical conference at the MAP, as well as on the topic: «Koptildilik kopmadeni tulganyn qalyptasu negizi retinde» the work was published in the collection at the international scientific and methodological seminar in Nur-Sultan. Zhanat Abeuova has letters of thanks and diplomas for these works.
The collection of poems by Zhanat Seitmuratovna to the songs of Tatiana Kasimovskaya «Urpak Zhyry» is intended for musical directors of children’s and youth vocal and choral groups, music teachers of secondary schools, organizers of extracurricular activities for working with children and compiling concert programs.
Currently, Zhanat Seitmuratovna teaches Kazakh language and literature at secondary school 17 in Karaganda, continues to work with children, conducts scientific work with them, introducing them to research activities, developing cognitive interest.
In 2021, together with composer Kanat Mersalimov, the song «Astana – bas qala» was written.