40 years to the collection of poems and fairy tales Kastek Bayanbayaeva “Bunny with glasses”

Bayanbayev Kastek (1936) – Kazakh poet and writer, author of poems about children and for children, translator.

In childhood, K. Bayanbayev dreamed of becoming an artist. He painted everything: portraits of friends and relatives, a small village immersed in greenery in one of the distant corners of Semirechye, in which he was born. He dreamed of becoming an artist, and became a writer: probably because, having drawn some picture, he began to tell everyone what he was thinking when he painted.

In the collection of poems and fairy tales “The Bunny in Glasses,” Kastek Bayanbayev sings honesty, courage, hard work, love for the Motherland and ridicules cowardice, laziness, and boasting. The collection includes fairy tales “Zachik with glasses”, “Voracious catfish”, “Three mice”, “Shark and Beluga”.

Based on the fairy tale “Bunny in Glasses” filmed a wonderful cartoon “Kuzildіrіktі Koyan. Zachik with glasses “(1980). link