50 years of Boris Vasiliev’s story “And the dawns are quiet here …”

Boris L. Vasilyev (1924-2013) – Russian writer and screenwriter. Winner of the USSR State Prize, playwright, screenwriter, participant of the Great Patriotic War.

The author of the immortal works included in the fund of Russian and Soviet classics. This is primarily the story “And the Dawns Here are Quiet …”, “The Lists Were Not Appeared,” the novel “Do not Shoot the White Swans.”

“And the dawns here are quiet …” is a work written by Boris Vasilyev, telling about the fate of five self-sacrificing female anti-aircraft gunners and their commander during World War II.

The first publication of the story took place in the August issue of the journal “Youth” in 1969. According to the author, the story is based on an episode of the war that actually occurred, when seven soldiers, after being wounded, who served at one of the key stations of the Kirov Railroad, did not let the German commando group blow up the railway at this site. But it was just a special case in the war. There was nothing fundamentally new in this story. And then suddenly it came up – let my hero have in his submission not men, but young girls. And all – the story immediately lined up. After all, women are hardest in war. There were 300 thousand of them at the front! And then no one wrote about them. ”

The most famous film adaptation of the story – the film directed by Stanislav Rostotsky “And dawns are quiet” (1972).