At a meeting of the organizing committee of the action “One Country – One Book” chose a book 2015. Most of the votes were given to the trilogy of I. Esenberlin “Nomads”.

In the meeting was took part an academician of NAS RK G. Yesim; a writer, member of the Parliament of Kazakhstan J. Ergaliyev; Head of the Department for Culture and Arts MCS RK B. Altayev; a poet, chairman of the branch of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan in Astana N. Aituly; professor, doctor of philological sciences T. Zhurtbay; a docent of department “Kazakh literature” of ENU named after L. Gumilev, candidate of philological science O. Zhalel; Head of department of TV channel “Kazakhstan” A. Isabay; a writer and translator A. Ysymuly; deputy editor of a newspaper “Astana akshamy” T. Batyrkhan; Director General of the National Academic Library of RK U. Munalbaeva.

According to the results of voting at the National academic library of the RK, National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, rural, district and regional libraries of the country, Centralized Library System of Astana, as well as at the libraries of the capital’s educational institutions for select the book of 2015 were offered the following books: novel “Nomads” of I. Esenberlin; works of B.Momyshuly; works of K. Mirza Ali; novels “Hornbook of Kazakh history”, “Children of one father,” “Time of Troubles” of M. Magauin; novels “White Sands”, “Popularity and rumor”, “Little” of Zh. Nazhimedenov; novel “A soldier from Kazakhstan” of G.Musrepov; collection of poems of T. Moldagaliev; works of Abai ; “A boy Behind Enemy Lines” of K. Kaysenov; stories “Parasat Maidany” (“Mind War burning”), “Tugyr men gumyr” of T. Abdikov. (