On April 10, 2019, a television filming of the Formula for Success program was held on the Saryarqa channel.
Our project of the same name is included in the Republican Register of Activities of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” Program. On May 3, the program itself aired.

The head of the Department of Vascular Endovascular Surgery of the Karaganda Regional Cardiac Surgery Center, the highest category doctor Azamat Kenzhinovich Zhashkeev and the children of schools, lyceums of the city, over 60 people met at the dialogue site.
Guest Benefit Show more than 20 years of his life gave a serious and responsible work – surgery. Today, Karaganda was included in the list of the republic-wide project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”.

Since 2006, Zhashkeev Azamat, together with foreign experts, began to introduce new technologies of endovascular interventions on cardiac vessels and peripheral vessels.

In a dialogue with children, the guest of honor of the program told that he annually improves his qualifications in such countries as Russia, the USA, Poland, France, Denmark and Germany. Azamat repeatedly traveled to Kazakhstan clinics to conduct professional master classes. In the year Azamat Kenzhinovich performs more than 1000 operations, applying in practice all the latest developments in the field of endovascular surgery.

Azamat Kenzhinovich, entering the university, saw himself only as a surgeon. Since childhood, his family was talking about the surgeons of his native village, who were revered for the gods, his mother worked in the hospital and told about who he saved or cured today. These stories formed the concept of the importance of the profession of a doctor and its necessity in Azamat.

Like the school, KGMI he graduated with honors. With a narrow profile, he decided while studying at senior courses. The first steps in medicine he made in 1997 at the Department of Hospital Surgery as an intern-researcher.

“Surgeon is a very responsible profession. You see a beating heart or a pulsating vessel. Before you – the life of a person, and the slightest mistake can be fatal, ”says Azamat Zhashkeev.

To support the body in good shape, the doctor necessarily visits the gym, is engaged in bench press – one of the main disciplines in powerlifting.

A lot of questions about medical activities, about childhood and adolescence, life values were raised from the guys. The dialogue turned out to be lively, interesting, informative, the Guest even told a joke about obstetricians.

From Amash Zhashkeev, the guys learned that he loves and appreciates his profession, loves his city and is not going to go anywhere, “here he is very comfortable.”

During the shooting, the doctor gave good advice to his listeners: “Spend more time with your family, value your loved ones, and do your work correctly, diligently, with love, but do not forget that there is a lot of interesting things in life besides work”.

According to the condition of the benefit show, the Guest chooses the most favorite question and gives a gift from himself to the one who asked it. The gift was a phonendoscope, which was received by the student of the medical college Kuldzhambekova Aruzhan.

In turn, the project organizers handed Azamat a statuette “Formula of Success” – a symbol of success and recognition, as well as a book by Abai Kunanbayev “Words of edification”.