Benefit show “Formula for success.” Dialogue with Ashim Yerlan.

All beginning entrepreneurs are asking “How to succeed in business?” And it’s not surprising. Business is created in order to reach the top and become the best in your business.

“What is success and how to come to him?” – the hero of the project “Benefit-show. Formula of Success ” businessman from Karaganda, founder of the company” Natige ” Erlan Ashim tried to answer the library readers.

On November 10, the children of Gymnasium number 1, boarding school for gifted children Murager and students of Karaganda Commercial College had the opportunity to ask Yerlan Mukataevich how he fulfilled his dream – the creation of a dairy factory, why he became a businessman and what was the path of successful entrepreneurship.

In a lively conversation beneficiary show participants learned a lot from the private life of a businessman. Back in the 90s Erlan Ashim was left without work, he had to do something, and he chose trade. First he sold small items, later he baked bread, eventually decided to create dairy products himself.

Today Erlan Ashim is the founder of the company “Natige”, the owner of the store-cafe of dairy products “Milkhouse”. The retail and retail network “Natige” is represented by 12 dairy stores. Contracts for supply with all major trading networks of the region are concluded. Find the production of a Karaganda dairy factory in any corner of Central Kazakhstan.

Yerlan Mukataevich from childhood dreamt of being a decent, honest person, had a life credo “Set a goal and achieve, do not waste time in vain, learn something all the time.”

With enthusiasm Erlan Ashim told the children about the books he read as a child: B.Momyshuly “I remember them”, N.Chukovsky “The Baltic Sky”, Z. Akishev “Zhaiau Musa”. These books, those years and those publications, the librarians found in the fund and presented to the children for acquaintance on the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood”. After 35 years, the hero of the benefit show saw these publications and was delighted.

There were Yerlan Mukataevich’s books in the life and books that influenced his outlook: the Volokolamsk Highway – the story of Alexander Beck, “And the day lasts for more than a century” is Chingiz Aitmatov’s first novel.

To the question “What did you sacrifice for business?” Yerlan Ashim replied: “I did not see the childhood of my older children. I went to work, they slept, I came home from work, they again slept. ”

“Only when you love your job, you can achieve success,” answers the guest of the benefit show on the question of a personal formula for success.
The dialogue was intense and interesting. From the children 27 questions were answered and all questions were answered.

“At these meetings, I feel that I’m doing something for someone. It inspires me, “Yerlan Ashim commented on the meeting with the guys and gave each group of children invitations for breakfast at the cafe” Milkhouse “.