Benefit show “Formula of the success” with the participation of Agimbayev Yerkebulan Mulyukovich

The project Benefit-show “Formula of the success ” was launched with the participation of children of 6-8 classes of gymnasiums Number 3, 1, 92 and Honorable Guest – Head of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation – Agimbayev Erkebulan Mulyukovich.

The guests of the event got acquainted with the talented, successful and significant person of our city. The children listened enthusiastically to the story of the Guest’s family, childhood and professional activities. There were questions on various topics: about hobbies, foreign tours, dreams, interesting books, creative plans, success, etc.

Yerkebulan Mulyukovich advised the participants of the benefit show to read the books that influenced his world view: R.Kipling’s “Mowgli”, the book “Akyat”, the works of D.Doszhanov.

Dialogue platform was held. Also 31 questions were asked, and all the questions were answered. At the end of the benefit show, the guest determined the most interesting question and presented the distinguished participant with a gift.

Attention was given to the book exhibition “Read up to the star”, the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood”, the book installation “Success”.