Benefit show “Formula for success.” Dialogue with Karipbek Kuyukov

The second year Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai together with the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the Karaganda Region conducts a benefit show “Formula of Success” with the participation of famous people of the Karaganda Region for schoolchildren and students of the city.

The project “Benefit-show” Formula of Success ” is included in the Republican Register of Projects, events of the” Rukhani zhangyru ” program.

Another benefit-show “Formula for success” was held on the 4th of April at 15.00 hours. A Kazakh artist, activist of the international anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk” Kuyukov Karipbek Teltaevich was invited to the dialogue platform. The boys from the school № 86, 15, 62, gymnasium № 3 and students of the Karaganda college of the Moscow State Technical University had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Guest.

Success and fame came to Kuyukov Karipbek not immediately. A difficult and difficult path was passed by the future famous artist. He was born without arms as a result of radiation exposure to which his parents were subjected during nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site. Karipbek devoted his creativity and his life to establishing a world in which no one anywhere will feel the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons tests.

He became a successful accountant after graduation abroad, and was also actively involved in the international movement against nuclear weapons. In 1989, as an activist of the movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk”, he visited Nevada, the USA, Germany, Japan and Turkey. Later, he was awarded the Order of “Kurmet” for his participation in this movement.

His story about the explosions at the Semipalatinsk test site, their consequences, the tragic fate of people and the power of survival made the participants of the meeting think about the persistence of the character and the possibilities of man.

The guest shared his impressions of books read in childhood. He remembered the books very much: N. Ostrovsky “How the Steel was tempered”, “The Bible”, the fantastic stories of A. Belyaev.

During the meeting, the guys asked the questions “How did your work begin?”, “Are you angry with those people and those events that caused your physical characteristics?”, “Who supported you in difficult moments?”, “How did you cope with the negative emotions? “,” What do you like to depict in your paintings? “and others.

The guest presented memorable gifts for the most interesting questions to the student of the Karaganda MSTU College Zhigal Artur, the third-grade student Dombai Aruana and the third-grade student Abdrakhmanov Arsen.

At the book exhibition “Read Before the Star” children were presented with modern children’s books for review, and on the thematic shelf “Books of My Childhood” – books that Kulyukov Karlybek Teltaevich read with enthusiasm.

At the site, 17 questions were raised, and all questions were answered.

For the guest, a musical gift “Auen” was given in the performance of the pupils of 5 “A” of the school №62.

At the end of the meeting Karipbek Kuyukov left a memorable tip about the benefit show in the Book of Honorary Guests, and the guys in the “Reader’s Book”.