It is important today to provide young users, along with traditional information resources (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), a variety of electronic resources: databases, electronic magazines and newspapers and other publications, both local and remote access. Introduction of new information technologies primarily associated with creation of an electronic catalog. Karaganda Regional Children’s Library of Abay made its choice in favor of ALIS “IRBIS 64”.

The volume of the electronic catalog of Karaganda Regional Children’s Library of Abay is more than 68 thousands of bibliographic records, including:

DB “Books” – contains bibliographic records for all types of materials: books, CD-R;

DB “Articles” and “Professional” – contains bibliographic records written out library periodicals, articles from newspapers and magazines.

Fund electronic editions of more than 204 CD-R. Discs contain information on various topics: learning English, Arabic, Kazakh language, educational games for children, local history, works of Kazakh, Russian and foreign authors on culture and art.

The most popular magazines among young users are discs for the Study of Kazakh and English languages, the series “Unserious lessons”, “Map – Guide” in different countries, audio – book works Kazakh writers G. Musrepov, O. Bokey K. Amanzholov and other .