Elena Georgievna KLEPIKOVA

      She is prose writer, children’s writer, essayist. She lives in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

      She graduated from the special department of the historical faculty of the Kazakh State University. A graduate of the Literary Seminar on Writing “Master Class” of the Musaget Foundation, as well as master-seminars of Branda Flanagan (USA), V. Voskoboinikova, O. Pavlova, L. Bakhnova (Russia), a participant in the forum of young writers of the SEIP Foundation. She worked in the Central State Historical Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Museum of the History of Almaty, the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents and Sound Records. Lecturer and host of the workshop “Prose and Children’s Literature” OLSHA (Open Literary School of Almaty). Within the framework of joint projects, OLSA with Chevron and American Space, together with Ksenia Rogozhnikova, led the Children’s Literary Studio (2016) and the Summer Literary Studio (2017), and with Dina Makhmetova – the Youth Literary Studio (2018).

    She writes for children and adults. Publications in literary magazines and almanacs of Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Ukraine: “Friendship of Peoples”, “Literary studies”, “Apollinarii”, “Prostor”, “Niva”, “Baiterek”, “Tamyr”, “Literary Alma-Ata” , “Yellow Caterpillar”, “Autograph”, “ClubOK”, “Wish Card”; the author of articles in the journal “Hometown”, newspapers in the southern capital, the Bulletin of the Central State Museum of the History of Kazakhstan, collections on the history of Kazakhstan, the author of the section “Alma-Ata during the Great Patriotic War” in the book History of Almaty. In 2 volumes. – Almaty: Publishing House Credo, 2009

       Golden Laureate of the National Literary Award “Golden Feather of Russia” in 2008, laureate of the International Literary Contest “Crossroads-2009” (Dusseldorf, Germany), winner of the International Fairy Tales Contest “Land of Miracles” 2009 (Russia), laureate of the International Literary Competition of Humorous Poetry and prose “Life is wonderful!”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of A.P. Chekhov 2010 (Germany), winner of the International Yellow Book Caterpillar: Flying in a Dream and Waking Literary Contest for Children’s Best Prose and Poetry prize for children of secondary school age 2010 (Russia), laureate of the Kazakhstan Literary Prize “Altyn Kalam-2011”, finalist of the III and V Competitions for the best work for children “Korneychukovsk Prize” 2015 and 2017 (Ukraine), winner International contest of children’s writers “DARABOZ” in 2015, the finalist of the literary contest “On seven hills.” 2016 (Russia), laureate of the international literary “Gaidar Competition 2016” (Russia), winner of the literary competition “Traveler’s Diary”, held by the Kazakh Geographical Society 2013-2014, laureate of the literary competition “Following the Guiding Star”, held by the Russian geographic society. 2014 year

      Stories and tales were translated into Kazakh, Hindi, German and English.

      Co-authored books were written: “Solyanka national team or cookbook of a writer” Almaty, publishing house: Tarih tagylymy, 2009, “East of Greenwich: a journey as a gift” Almaty, publishing house: Securities, 2011, “ Doublet ”Almaty: Tarih tagylymy, 2011,“ Tales for adults ”Almaty: Literary House“ Alma-Ata ”, 2013,“ Two Letters ”Almaty: Literary House“ Alma-Ata ”, 2018 / in conjunction with K. Rogozhnikova /, “The Queen’s Kings, or Times of Change” Moscow, Eksmo-IDM publishing house, 2019 / together with K. Rogozhnikova /

    The author of the books: “Triparty” Almaty, publishing house: Iskander, 2010, “Alma-Ata Bylki” Almaty, 2011 (2nd edition 2012), “Living in a dream according to the tear-off calendar” Almaty: EDIT, 2013, “The Stories of Cat Patrick” Almaty: Literary House “Alma-Ata”, 2014, the novel “Pan Tyrts and Murzik” was published in the collection “New Writers” Moscow: SEIP, 2014, “In the City apples ”Almaty: Literary House“ Alma-Ata ”, 2015,“ The Secret of the Blue Web ”Almaty: Literary House“ Alma-Ata ”, 2017,“ The Amazing Adventures of Pykhtelkin and Murchalkin ”Almaty: Literary House“ Alma-Ata ” “, 2019

    Member of collections: “Life is beautiful” Aachen-Dusseldorf: Za-Za, 2010, “Alagid: a journey through the meanings of Almaty”, Almaty: Knigolyub, 2017

    Stories about Alma-Ata are included in the audiobook for blind and visually impaired citizens and in the audiobook within the framework of the Altyn Kalam project.