"Aygolek" magazines - republican children's magazine. Since 2000, the magazine is printed as of 22 sheets. Editor in Chief Kymbat Abdildina. Since 2010, the magazine consists of 32 sheets. The magazine is published by "Leader ofest". http://my.mail.ru/mail/aigolek-zh

"Wunderkind KZ" educational children's magazine. Journal educates children love to work, generates logic, thinking, develops memory, helps to develop creative opportunities. The magazine is published in each issue material at the request of parents and readers appear to different specialists. http://vk.com/id224442099

"Ak Zhelken" - literary journal devoted to children. Founder - The Ministry of Information and consent of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One comes once a month. The journal publishes articles on historical, popular science articles, articles having huge educational value, published in the journal of the younger generation poems, stories, history, and various adventures. www.zhasorken.kz

"Dastyr" - in 2014 published the first issue of the national ethnographic magazine. In this issue of the journal were published interesting materials on the customs, traditions, beliefs Kazakh people. Interesting scientific articles and reviews of the best books. Readers will support the idea of our Nation's Leader of Mangіlіk El. dastur_09@mail.ru

"Alakay. Balakay" on the pages of this magazine you look interesting fairy tales, stories, various tasks and puzzles. The magazine will help you solve the puzzles and riddles, to become the winner of competitions drawings, will teach you to make a paper of various birds and animals. Alua08@list.ru

"Erke" - a very interesting and informative magazine. In this issue of several stories "Kas kagym sat", "Akku kyz", "Kupiyaly Mathematics" lay down a small book.

"Altyn Aray" - one of the modern Kazakhstan periodicals devoted to topical issues of education and training, social and cultural activities of school life "Altyn Aray" - to date the only children's newspaper in Karaganda, which is printed in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Newspaper for children, parents and teachers, which teaches to combine national values and requirements of the time, right to shape the worldview and spiritual development of young generation. www.altyn-arai.kz

"Ertegіler elіnde" magazine devoted to preschool children, primary school pupils and middle managers. The journal publishes stories that are printed for the first time. www.balakai.kz

"Ana men bala" - a cognitive and information publication devoted to family reading. The magazine moms and kids can discover interesting tips, there is a page about fashion. http://my.mail.ru/mail/ anamenbala.zhurnal

"Ertegіler alemіnde" - "In the world of fairy tales" - republican color illustrated magazine stories for young children in the Kazakh and Russian languages. In this edition, the guys read many tales of different nations that teach kindness, courage, wit, friendship. www.pedagogikapress.kz

"Asanalі" - published in Kazakh and Russian languages. The magazine is dedicated to all those who took the path Asanali Ashimov. About art, teachers, students, publish articles on the topic of environmental education. zura_eskalievna@mail.ru

"Zhalyn" - created in 1969 Kazakh literary almanac, in consequence - the magazine. Published in Almaty with the same publisher. zhalyn@inbox.ru