Benefit show “Formula for success.” Meeting with An Sergey

Within the framework of the project “Benefit-show” Formula for Success ” included in the Republican Register of Projects, events of the “Rukhani Jangyru” program on the 3rd of May the meeting was held with An Sergey Valentinovich . He is the coach, the founder of the national style of mixed martial arts NOMAD MMA, the winner of the project” 100 new persons of Kazakhstan “, a deputy of the city maslikhat.

The boys from school №10, 27, gymnasium №95 and students of Karaganda college “Bolashak” had an opportunity to get acquainted and talk with the Guest.

The dialogue with the guys was interesting and rich, many questions were asked by the benefit-show participants: “What is happiness for you?”, “What do you regret, and what do you want to change in your life?”, “What is the secret of your success?” , “What was your first sport award?”, “How do you feel about religion?”, etc.

Sergei Valentinovich during the conversation told about his childhood, adolescence, important in life for himself, the guest identified the family and his coaching activities. The guys learned that the Guest is a versatile person, writes poetry, plays the guitar, used to draw drawing, publishes books on the methods of conducting competitions, studies Chinese traditional medicine. Since 2008, he is the vice-president of the World Federation of National Combative Sports NOMAD MMA. Since 2010 he is Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republican Union of Martial Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

An Sergey Valentinovich has badges “Honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Master of martial arts”, “Honored coach”, “Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, 30 years of coaching, his credo: “Never give up!”.

The guest told the guys that for 15 years he had been developing his style of mixed martial arts, which, for today, was recognized in 15 countries of the world. The Nomad MMA method is a method of comprehensive development of an athlete, combining ancient traditions of Kazakh soldiers and images of the modern world, a technique that allows to train fighters, strong in spirit and body, true patriots of their country.

On the question “What kind of books do you remember?” The guest recommended reading the novels of Z. Vern’s novels to children and also noted the work of Sergei Esenin.
At the meeting, 41 questions were raised, the guest answered all the questions. The best questions were for Sergei Valentinovich from Zakirova Madina and Levashtanova Danila. Sergei Valentinovich handed them for his book “Rules of the World Federation of NOMAD MMA”.

At the book exhibition “Read up to the star ” , children were presented for the review of modern children’s books, and on the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood” , that An Sergey Valentinovich read with enthusiasm.

At the end of the meeting, the guest left a memorable tip about the benefit show in the Book of Honorary Guests, and the guys in the “Reader’s Book”.