On March 6, 2019, a television filming of the Formula for Success program was held on the Saryarqa channel.

Our project of the same name is included in the Republican Register of Activities of the Rukhani Zhangyru Program. On March 15, the program itself aired.

A social activist, a laureate of the “Qainar” award, akim of the Karaganda region, a blogger Niyaz Sunditaliyev and guys, more than 60 people, met at the dialogue platform.

Niyaz has an active life position, he is engaged in social activities, organizes charity events for children of orphanages and boarding schools, raises questions of people with disabilities, studies their problems. This year, our Guest of Honor became a member of the Public Council of Karaganda.

The guys were interested in talking with a person who found himself, did not lose heart, overcomes difficulties and leads an active lifestyle. During the conversation, the Guest named three of his achievements: a parachute jump, true friends to rely on, and willpower.

“Up to 23 years old,” says Niyaz, “I was absolutely healthy, energetic, life was painted every minute. That time has joyful colors. ” After the accident, the hero of the program could not recover, did not know what to do, how to live, but he overcame the difficulties and was proud of it. Surprisingly, having experienced so much in life, Niyaz did not stop believing in people, in goodness.

During the dialogue, the guys were asked questions about hobbies, future plans, attitudes, blogging, love, and what betrays his strength and confidence.

To the question “What are the three songs associated with your three stages in life?” Niyaz Sunditaliev answered with excerpts from the songs “Childhood”, “Raft” and “Turn”. This question turned out to be the most interesting for the Guest, and Milena Maslennikova received a book about France and VR BOX virtual reality glasses as a gift from Niyaz.

In turn, the project organizers presented Niyaz with the statuette “Formula for Success” – a symbol of success and recognition, as well as the book by Abai “Words of edification”.