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The idea of Kazakhstan project "One country - one book" is based on well-known in the USA  library projects "One Book, One Chicago" and "If  the whole  Seattle will read one book", when the whole  city reads the same literary work in the same time.

Regulations on the action "One country - one book"

The National academic library is aware that reading  affects the person multiply  and actively  and it  has an important function in the becoming  and the formation of  human personality, is considering that to promote reading as one of the priority tasks of the development of society, offers to annually the action "One country - one book" in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan  the Republican campaign "One country - one book" held since 2007 year on the initiative of the National academic library and the Library association of  the Republic of  Kazakhstan  by  the support of  Ministry of  Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Action tasks are promotion of  Kazakh literature, increasing public interest in reading, and the development of research interest in the study of the literary heritage of Kazakhstan, as well as to contribute to the intellectual - spiritual development of the younger generation.

1. 2007. Book of the Year - Abay "Words of edification";

2. 2008. M.Auezov "Hard times";

3. 2009. M. Zhumabaev "The lyrics";

4. 2010. J. Moldagaliev Poem "I am  Kazakh;

5. 2011. J. Aymauytov "Akbilek";

6. 2012. O. Bokey. O. Bokey works;

7. 2013. F. Ongarsynova "Revelation";

8. 2014. S. Muratbekov "The smell of wormwood" and "On Ushkary top";

9. 2015  – trilogy of I. Esenberlin "Nomads".