Library Services for Children: Achievements, Problems and Prospects “

      On October 28 of this year, the library hosted a regional online seminar “Library services for children: achievements, problems and prospects” on the “Zoom” platform, in which 62 specialists took part, among the seminar participants were managers, librarians, methodologists of libraries serving children, from 18 districts of the Karaganda region.

The meeting was opened by the head of the library B.K. Uataeva. The report “Reading in the digital age: traditional practices, new opportunities” was made by the head of the innovation and methodological department S. Zh.Zhusupova, who focused the attention of specialists on several significant points on the use of information resources in children’s libraries: websites of writers, publishing houses, book bloggers, mobile communications, thematic selections on information channels, etc.

The successful experience of implementing various projects to promote reading in the children’s environment, to attract volunteers to the library’s activities was presented by the head of the methodological department of the Karaganda Central Library System Keikina S.E. In her speech, it was emphasized that the inclusion of various categories of citizens, in addition to library readers, to volunteer work in the library contributes to the formation and strengthening of its social status.

During the online seminar, M.S. Smagulova, a methodologist of the innovation and methodological department of the ODB named after Abai, presented a new book “Words of edification” by Abai Kunanbayev in children’s drawings. 2 copies of the fundamental work of the Kazakh poet were donated to our library by the Private Foundation “BAURZHAN Foundation” and the Public Foundation “Children Draw the World”.

The new illustrated book includes 45 creative works of winners of young artists from all over Kazakhstan, accompanying 45 short parables and philosophical treatises of the Kazakh enlightener, which raise the problems of national education and worldview, morality and law, the history of Kazakhs. From the Karaganda region, 7 winners were selected from the cities  Shakhtinsk, Satpayev, Dubovka, Botakara.

Zhumabekova G.A., the head of the library – branch № 5 of the Temirtau Central Library System, noted in her report “Growing the reader: studying children’s and adolescent reading in children’s libraries”, that questionnaires and polls on various topics are constantly being conducted in children’s libraries of the city, the results of which were presented to the participants seminar. The effectiveness of library services largely depends on knowledge of information needs, the reading circle of readers – children. These studies provide a lot of information for practical work, allow us to offer new library and information services in accordance with the requests of potential and actual consumers.

At the end of the seminar, the head of the ODB named after Abai Uataeva B.K. announced the results of the joint creation of an online resource in the social network Instagram Flashbook “Literature of Kazakhstan about the war of 1941-1945”, informed all participants that the certificates would be sent by e-mail.

The online seminar for specialists serving children provided its participants with the opportunity not only to get acquainted with new areas of work in library services for children and hear leading specialists in this field, but also to exchange practical experience with colleagues and discuss possible promising areas of cooperation.


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