Project Benefit-show “Formula for success “. The dialogue with Dmitry Karpov

The life of an Olympic champion is the daily overcoming of difficulties and oneself. It is not everyone who succeeds in becoming a successful recognized athlete, but it is not an easy task to achieve success in a sports career. What is the formula for the success of a such person? Our readers have learned about it at the next meeting with the famous and successful person of the city.

The guest of the next dialogue platform within the framework of the project “Formula for success” was Kazakhstan athlete, bronze medalist of the Summer Olympic Games of 2004, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dmitry Vasilievich Karpov.

Children-pupils of 7-9 forms of school-gymnasium №102, gymnasium №3, school №63 listened attentively and enthusiastically to the guest’s answers. Children were asked questions on a variety of topics: about childhood, family, sports career, about hobbies, predilections.

The first and main question of such meetings remains the attitude to the book and reading. Our guest likes to read, but does not have time for full reading. Dmitry said that “Azbuka”, “The Adventures of Neznaika in the Sunny City” by Nikolai Nosov, and works by Boris Akunin influenced on your worldview.

During the conversation with the guys Dmitry Karpov not once returned to the theme of “Athletics”. He grew up in a family of athletes, his parents from an early age instilled an interest in this sport. Now Dmitry Karpov is the father of 2 children, following the example of his parents instills in children the love of physical education.

According to the conditions of the benefit show for the most interesting or unusual question, the Guest gives a memorable souvenir to the participant of the project. At this meeting, the unexpected question “Do you love your wife?” impressed the Guest, and the gift was received by Erasyl Serik from school-gymnasium number 102.

At the book fair “Read up to the STAR” children were presented with modern children’s books for review, and on the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood” – books that Dmitry Karpov read with fascination as a child.

There were 35 questions on the site, and all the questions were answered.

At the end of the meeting, Dmitry Karpov left a memorable tip about the benefit show in the Book of Honorary Guests, and the guys in the “Reader’s Book”.