"ABVGD", children, Russian monthly magazine. In a fun and accessible manner useful for preschool and primary school age. Activities with children in an exciting form. Organizes leisure whole family: board games, comics, puzzles, crossword puzzles, magic tricks. Exciting stories, wonderful poems, quizzes, plays for home theater, scripts plays, matinees and holidays.

"In the animal world" comes from 1998. Magazine began as a continuation of the popular printed TV program "In the animal world". Founders of the magazine - Nikolai Drozdov and Candidate of Biological Sciences Alexander Abolits. Authors of the magazine - authoritative experts in the academic world, professors, heads of departments and laboratories, as well as amateurs, enthusiasts, photographers. With all written materials alive and accessible language understandable to all nature lovers.

"In the world of plants" comes from 1999. This is the only edition of the plant world. Readers can explore the landscape of our planet. The publication says of the wild and domesticated plants of medicinal herbs, illustrated with bright images. Magazine travels the country, revealing the natural features of the various parts of the world.

"Jolly Gingerbread Man". The main character - everyone's favorite gingerbread man, and his friends - the heroes of Russian folk tales and popular author. In addition to stories about new adventures of long-familiar characters on its pages you, dear parents and children will find such wonderful parts as "School of Jolly Gingerbread Man" and "Funky tasks".


"Winnie and his friends" - a bright cheerful and developing magazine. Every room in the wonderful and good stories about what life is like Winnie and his friends Hryun, Rabbit, Tigger, Roo and Ushastik in the great forest. Magazine not only entertain games and puzzles, but also talk about absolutely amazing - such familiar and unfamiliar - inhabitants of our planet! With every number - coloring book a gift! www.disney.ru www.egmont.ru

"Girls-Boys - School of Crafts" - a children's magazine, where you will find articles about needlework, economics, design, fashion, crafts, cooking, etc.; tabs with diagrams, templates, descriptions.