Smailov Toleugazy Khasenovich

       Smailov Toleugazy is the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of the Kar. Academician E. A. Buketov, he was born on the collective farm Council in the Karkaralinsk district, but his small homeland considers the Aktogay district.

       After graduating from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (1959), he worked for over 13 years as a site manager and shift supervisor at mine No. 31 of the Karagandaugol Combine. Working in the Karaganda scientific research institute, he was sent from the mine to postgraduate study.

         More than 40 years working at the Department of Marketing, KarSU. Academician E. A. Buketov, is the curator of young teachers, the scientific supervisor of undergraduates.

       Smailov Toleugazy is the author of publications “Investment policy is the way to overcome the crisis in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Marketing strategy in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan”, “Efficiency of measures taken by the akimat of Karaganda region to overcome the economic crisis”.

     In 2017 the book “Know your roots” was published. In the pages of this book T. Smailov presented the aristocratic aristocracy of the Steppe, religion and art, science and politics not in the form of abstract concepts and pure categories, but refracted through acute and dramatic life-related collisions. The book is imbued with love for the native land and an undeniable interest in its history.

         The author has more than 100 scientific and methodical works, including 5 manuals, 2 patents for inventions.

        He was awarded with a breastplate “Ibrai Altynsarin” (2006), a jubilee medal “40 years of the KarSU. Academician E. A. Buketov ».

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