120 years of the Kazakh national epic "Alpamys Batyr"

Alpamys - batyr (hero-hero), the central character of the eponymous epic of the Turkic peoples: Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Karakalpaks (Alpamys), also Bashkir (Alpamysh), Tatars (Alpamsha), West Siberian Tatars (Alyp Myamshyan), Altai Alyp-Mashash), Altai, Altamsh), West Siberian Tatars (Alyp Myamshyan), Altai Alyp-Mashash), Altamsh) The Mongols this epic did not exist.

The legend of Alpamys Batyr is the common cultural heritage of all Turkic-speaking peoples. The epic of the batyr Alpamys has already celebrated its 1000th anniversary, but the Kazakh people still keep in their hearts the poetry of their exploits.

The Kazakh people from generation to generation performed this heroic epic in various versions. Through the thickness of centuries this tale reached us. In the epic are concentrated the spiritual values ​​of the people, their eternal dreams of peace.

The earliest recording of the Kazakh edition of "Alpamys Batyr" was published in 1899 in Kazan. Of great scientific value is the publication prepared by folklorist-collector A. A. Divaev. Folklorists recorded seven previously unknown variants from narrators Abdraim Baitursunov, Sultankul Akkozhaev, Kelimbet Sergaziev, Aynabek Nysanov, Ali Ospanov, Rakhat, Suyunshali Zhanbirshin.

The best of them are the variants of Baitursunov and Akkozhaev, who adopted the text from the akyn Mikot. The main theme of the epic is the struggle against the Kalmyk khans. The second theme is the protection of the hero's family from the oppression of the self-styled Khan Ultan, the strengthening of the union of Kazakh tribes and the Alpamys native tribe. The hero is intertwined in the epic with the image of life.

The story about Alpamys batyr adapted for students of middle and high schools Shaken Kumisbekov. “Alpamys Batyr” was published by the publishing house “Zhalyn” in a prose retelling of Axleu Seidembekov.