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To the Day of the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan

On the eve of the May holidays, the library was visited by children accompanied by social workers of the “Department of social assistance at home in the Kazybek bi district of the city of Karaganda” of the Department of Employment and Social Programs of the city of Karaganda.
On April 27, an educational lesson “National Unity – Friendship of the Peoples of Kazakhstan” was held for our guests. Librarians talked about the importance of preserving folk traditions, respect for the culture of people of different faiths and


Interactive intellectual game “Al-Farabi – Orkeniet philosophers”

On April 27th , librarians held an interactive intellectual game “Al-Farabi – Orkeniet Philosophers” for 7th grade students of boarding schools “Bilim-Innovation” № 1 and № 2 of the Karaganda region.
The game between boys and girls took place in 3 rounds. Two teams “BIL Kyrandary” and “Zhalyn”, consisting of five expert players, competed in questions about the life path, achievements and scientific works of Abu Nasr al-Farabi.
Competent jury, which included: Suleimen Asylbek – poet, teacher of the Kazakh language and literature at the Sh. Kudaibergenov gymnasium; Rakhimova Asyltas – the head of the al-Farabi museum of the school-gymnasium of the same name; Uataeva Bayan – the head of the regional children’s library named after Abai, rightly appreciated the game of the participants.
The “BIL Kyrandary” team became the winners.
The game helped the children to evaluate in a new way the significance of the personality and creativity of the philosopher, mathematician, music theorist, scientist of the East – al-Farabi.
We sincerely thank all the participants of the game for an interesting and exciting game and congratulate the winners!


«Seething lava»

As part of the library laboratory “Funny Science” on April 16th, a master class “Seething Lava” was held. An example of a volcanic lava eruption was presented to the children. This same phenomenon that occurs during a chemical reaction was invented in 1754 by Joseph Black (Scottish physicist and chemist).
In our library laboratory, the guys learned about various types of volcanoes and other interesting facts. The experiment was simple and safe, aimed at developing in children such skills as observation, comparison, analysis, generalization. The most interesting thing is that the necessary substances for the experiment are available to everyone that is used in everyday life: soda (sodium bicarbonate), citric acid, vegetable oil, red dye. It is with the help of these additives that our interesting experience can be repeated at home. Only with the help of adults!
As a result of the master class, a review of thematic books and magazines on fascinating chemistry was carried out.

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Health and reading

On April 9th an introductory excursion “Library without Borders” was held for pupils of the 6th grade of secondary school №20. The children learned about the main dates of the history of the library and the rules of use, got acquainted with the work of the library halls and services, the content of the book collections and the services provided.
The children were shown book exhibitions dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the program “Rukhani zhangyru”, the work of the writer O. Zhanaidarov “Khalyk anyzdaryn zhinaushy”.
Many of the excursion participants wished to become library readers and received their library cards.
During the excursion, a health session “Health and Reading” was held, timed to coincide with the World Health Day. The librarians reminded the children what rules and procedures must be followed during the quarantine period in order to preserve and strengthen their health. We familiarized the participants with useful literature on this topic. Particular attention was paid to the fact that reading itself can help to strengthen health, stabilize the state of mind and improve well-being.


Visit to the school “Daryn”

           On April 8th, for the students of the 5th and 9th grades on the basis of the specialized boarding school “Daryn”, the librarian conducted a correspondence acquaintance with the library named after Abai.
New books were presented to the children, and a dialogue about reading preferences took place. Zeykenova Zh. told about the new possibilities of the modern library, its services, the activities of circles and clubs, the book fund.
Children perceived the information with interest, and later expressed a desire to visit the library and become its readers.


Learning leadership

On April 4th , the library hosted the next training “Learning Leadership” within the framework of the “I am a Personality” Coaching Center.
The training is a continuation of the author’s course developed by coach-trainer B.M. Musabekov. For this course, Bakhitkali Mukhamedkalievich prepared and published several teaching aids in two languages, which reflect the many years of experience of the author himself, as well as the developments of domestic and foreign theorists.
During the training, the participants repeated the material covered in the previous sessions. The coach showed how to turn your disadvantages into your advantages. Then the group moved on to the analysis of the stated topic. The guys learned what “components” leadership consists of, what types of leadership are, styles of leader behavior and in what situations this or that style is applicable.
In conclusion, the participants received an assignment and a specific orientation to achieve the first results, with which they will prove the effectiveness of using the knowledge gained at the trainings.
The training was attended by schoolchildren of Karaganda and satellite cities. The event was attended by 23 people.