The library campaign “Drugs – the road to nowhere”

June 26 is declared the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.
The urgency of this problem all over the world is due to the fact that dependence on drugs occurs much more often and faster than on alcohol.
On this day, the library campaign “Drugs – the road to nowhere” took place. Librarians took to the streets of the city, handing out flyers to residents and visitors of the city with information about the dangers of drugs and call to lead a healthy lifestyle.


«Elephant Toothpaste»

On June 21, the library hosted an unusual Fun Facts Day. The children from the school camp of school 64 made an unusual toothpaste for an elephant. There was so much of it, everyone watched with interest the chemical reaction of mixed substances. They were asked to conduct the same experiment at home under adult supervision.

«Life under the microscope»

On June 14, as part of the Day of Entertaining Facts, an experiment was conducted in the library with the children of the flight camp of the Saken Seifullin Gymnasium.
The children were invited to get acquainted with the structure of the microscope. Children looked at samples of water, sand, sugar and leaves. In a practical session, they were convinced that the microscope is used to obtain enlarged images of objects invisible to the naked eye.
At the end of the event, children were offered books about microorganisms and the living world under a microscope.

Thematic day “Your own director”

Today, the children of the school camps of the Al-Farabi Gymnasium School using the TikTok application, created commercials about books as part of the Themselves Director thematic day of the summer project «Summer. Children. Book».
The TikTok application is becoming more and more popular among children and teenagers today. TikTok has the most diverse content: sports, art, style, science. Three teams chose different locations in the library for filming (reading room, storage, lending) and made videos on the theme of “Books about animals”. During the creation of the video, the guys had their own “director’s ideas”, which they embodied in reality. The best work was marked by the participants themselves, and the organizers rewarded the winners with sweet prizes. All participants found it interesting and fun.

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

The classes of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” Continue. The children had to remember the name of the flowers through logical tasks. Each participant of the lesson had to independently compose phrases using new words. Children easily coped with the task, and at the end of the lesson they received sweet gifts for their activity.

Meeting-dialogue “Oath to the Motherland: about the honor and dignity of a warrior”

Our library was visited by the deputy company commander for educational and social and legal work of the military unit 52859 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Balzhanov Maksat. A dialogue meeting “Oath to the Motherland: on the honor and dignity of a warrior” was held with him, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In the course of a meaningful conversation, the guys got acquainted with the rules of conscription for military service, learned about the modern equipment of various branches of the military, about soldier’s everyday life. The children were interested to learn how the life of a modern soldier, food, communication with relatives and friends is organized.
The event ended with a quiz “Do you know military distinctions?”

The Day of State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Every year the library hosts the Day of State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
This year, for young people with special educational needs who visited the library together with the staff of the department of social assistance at home of the district named after Kazybek bi of the Department of Employment and Social Programs of Karaganda, there was an hour of information “Symbolics born of history”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the creation of the symbols of Kazakhstan.
The event was aimed at summarizing the knowledge of those present about state symbols and fostering a respectful and careful attitude to the state symbols of Kazakhstan, to the historical past and traditions of the peoples of our country.

Circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

Today, our readers are at the lesson of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” reincarnated as the heroes of the fairy tale “Gingerbread Man”. All the guys learned to speak Kazakh. In this they were actively assisted by the head of the circle Zeyknova Zhibek and trainees of KarU Kappasova Aigerim and Beisek Aruzhan.
The children also played the board game “Who am I?”, during which they memorized new words and learned to ask questions on the topic.
The lesson ended with a dance gym session.

«Formula of Success» with Aigerim Karibaeva

On May 26, a new meeting was held on the television platform of the Saryarqa TV channel for college students of the city with an artist, graphic designer from the city of Nur-Sultan Aigerim Karibayeva. The talented artist is also the winner of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project, an illustrator, a brand designer for the products of the Rakhat confectionery factory, an author of the Expo-Dubai-2022 merch partner, and the creator of the ART-AIKA project.
In a conversation with children, the guest of the TV program “Formula of Success” told that she has been drawing all her life. She began to work, while still in her second year at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. T.K. Zhurgenov. The first major success and first fame came after she drew the image of the ancestress of Umai for the women’s entrepreneurship forum Umai Global Summit. Then she was invited to the exhibition for the first time, and the artist realized that her work does not leave people indifferent.
The social network Instagram helped Aigerim gain people’s love and popularity, here she keeps a personal diary, all her new works appear. They intertwine different eras of the life of the people, national flavor and modernity. “Ethnomodernism is a mix of everything that I love: our traditions, my thoughts, emotions, experiences,” the artist explained.
The illustrator’s paintings are about the main thing – about the family, about the female share in this world, about maternal happiness, which the girl herself was able to experience twice already.
The guys were interested in the first works of the artist, her idols in the field of art, difficulties in the profession, family relationships and many others. Aigerim frankly told the children about her childhood and advised: “Find people who inspire you, show great willpower in achieving your goals. Life will test you more than once, so do not back down and find something that you will cherish.
Work – always and everywhere, no matter what, under any conditions – this is the formula for Aigerim Karibaeva’s success. And she advises young people, first of all, to develop the habit of working. A professional does not wait for inspiration, his creativity is a continuous process, and inspiration comes only during work.
At the end of the program, each participant in the filming received a memorable gift from the illustrator, and the best question, according to the guest, was from a student of the Karaganda Vocational College Victoria Parakhina, for which the author of the question received posters from the artist and candy from the Rakhat factory with design by Aigerim Karibaeva .

Evening-requiem “Victims of repression”

The library hosted an evening-requiem “Victims of Repression”, dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression with the participation of students of the Karaganda Higher Humanitarian College.
The political repressions of the 20th century are one of the saddest pages in our history, shedding the blood and tears of thousands and millions of innocent people. In the tragic years, thousands of innocent people became “enemies of the people” and died.
It is important for the younger generation to know about the sad, tragic fate of man, so that the tragic events of the past days will not be repeated in the future.
During the event, documentaries “Kaigydan kalangan karlag”, “Kazakh kasireti” were shown, books and periodicals about the victims of repressions were presented.
Tursynbek Albina, a researcher at the Museum of Victims of Political Repressions in Dolinka, shared invaluable facts from the lives of political prisoners.