Online conversation with author Zaure Turekhanova

On June 11, an online conversation “Trends in modern Kazakh children’s literature” with a children’s writer, screenwriter Zaure Turekhanova took place on the Instagram social network. Zaure is also the winner of the independent literary competition “Altyn Kalam – 2014”, the laureate of the prestigious literary prize of Kazakhstan “Altyn tobylgy – 2017” in the nomination “Best Children’s Literature of the Year”.
During the dialogue, the subscribers learned from the author about the creation of the first Kazakhstani children’s and youth fantasy novel “Amina Turan in the country of nomads”, as well as two books of the patriotic series “My Kazakhstan” by the publishing house “Almatykitap baspasy”.
The writer told about herself, about her work, about cooperation with the children’s magazine “Tell me, grandma “, literary competitions on the pages of this magazine, shared her plans for the future, recommended to get acquainted with the work of modern writers of Kazakhstan, and also shared her opinion on trends in modern Kazakh children’s literature.

The Day of National Culture. “Learning to play asyq”

During the summer holidays, the library will host a National Culture Day every Monday. The first Day of National Culture within the framework of the library project “Summer. Children. Book” “was dedicated to the national Kazakh children’s game” Asyq “. Our readers and pupils of the Gvozdichka kindergarten took part in the event with pleasure, they learned that there are many different interesting game types: “Khan talapai”, “Bes asyq ”, “Asyq atyp alu”.
This game is a favorite hobby of children, especially in the summer. The presenter told the children about the history of the game, that alchiki are one of the most widespread children’s games in Central Asia, that sometimes asyks are painted in different colors, are valued depending on their size, weight, have different names, and that among the khan’s and sultan’s children, “saka” was even filled with gold.


Dear Readers!

On May 31st ,  our country annually celebrates the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression. On this day, Kazakhstanis remember the years of trials and losses, when the country lost many, including bright minds and fiery hearts.

For this date, we have prepared a post-requiem based on the book of the famous researcher Valery Mogilnitsky “The Great Prisoners of Karlag”. The book contains a very rich material, and the texts of the chapters very vividly and emotionally convey the experiences of those who once faced the “Red Terror”.

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TV project “Formula of Success” with the participation of Aidos Esmagambetov.

On May 24th , 2021, the next shooting of the “Formula of Success” television project took place with the participation of the hyperrealist sculptor, winner of the “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” project Aidos Esmagambetov.
Aidos is a talented artist and sculptor who creates hyper-realistic silicone sculptures. His sculptures are very close to the real image. This is an art that not everyone can do, it requires surgical precision, in order to master it, talent and sincerity are needed.
Among his works are sculptures of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakh poet and thinker Abai Kunanbayev, statesman Abylai Khan, First Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan Colonel-General Sagadat Nurmagambetov, US President Barack Obama.
The dialogue between the guys and the guest took place in a pleasant, lively atmosphere. Children who are fond of art wanted to learn a lot from the talented sculptor.
“Since childhood, I loved to draw. My father was also good at drawing and was also good at music. After graduating from the institute, I had a great desire to deal with silicone sculptures, that is, to master a new style in the art of hyperrealism, ” said A. Esmagambetov.
Aidos said that he learned how to make hyper-realistic sculptures on his own. “I tried to study the works of famous foreign hyperrealists. I looked for their publications in the media. I studied the materials on the Internet that they used, experimented with them. In this area, there are no generalized technologies, you have to look for everything, collect everything yourself. It takes a lot of time for this, ”the sculptor noted. Aidos went to his success on his own, putting a lot of effort and work.
Aidos Esmagambetov intends to develop this direction in our country and wants to find like-minded people and young talented guys in this area to share his experience.
“I would like a museum similar to Madame Tussauds to open in our country,” Aidos shared his dream.
According to the terms of the TV project, the guest chose the best question from the children and presented gifts to the pupils of the 9th grade of the school-gymnasium №104 Miras Turkenov and Ayaulym Temirkhanova in memory of the meeting.
At the end of the program, the organizers of the project presented Aidos Esmagambetov with a gift book “Words of Edification” by Abai Kunanbayev and a souvenir – a statuette “Formula of Success”.


Poetic boomerang “The famous person Olzhas”

From May 18 to May 21, a poetic boomerang ”The famous person Olzhas” was held on the library pages of social networks Instagram and Facebook, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of akyn, literary critic, Turkologist, public figure Olzhas Suleimenov.

The boomerang participants were readers of different schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of the city.

  1. Suleimenov’s poems were read: “The language of the fathers, the language of millennia”, “Song of the Cuman”, “Black tree”, “Black swan in a white flock”, “Earth, bow to a man!”, “How to please the heart? “,” Wolf cubs “,” Fortuneteller “,” To mother “,”True friend “,” Nomad “.

Participants of the literary club “Qauyrsyn  qalam ” finished the literary boomerang by reading the poem “Shagyn”.


Сircle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

Another lesson of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” on the theme “Musical alphabet” was held on May 20th with the participation of pupils of the kindergarten “Carnation”.
The video “Alphabet” helped the children to remember new words and expressions in the Kazakh language. With the help of a magnetic board, children composed words for different letters of the Kazakh alphabet.


Literary club “Qauyrsyn qalam”

On May 17th , a regular meeting of the literary club “Qauyrsyn qalam” took place in the library.
The club has replenished with new young novice talented authors. Among the participants of the meeting, who presented poems of their own composition, were: student of “School-gymnasium №41 named after Akhmet Baitursynov” Ayaulym Yerlan, student of “Secondary school №48” Gulnisa Nazhmadinova, students “Secondary school №63” Mikhail Gorobtsov , Anzhelika and Margarita Kabakova.
At the round table with the children, a conversation took place about the books recommended for reading this year by the republican action “One country – one book”. Many works are already familiar to our readers. The children were especially interested in the book by D. Rowling “Harry Potter” translated into Kazakh.


TV project “Formula of Success” with the participation of Emin Askerov.

The meeting with the social entrepreneur, the founder of the Green Tal social workshop from the city of Nur-Sultan, Emin Askerov, began a new season of filming for the “Formula of Success” television project.
A new film set, new guests, new members, new ideas – this is where the project started in 2021.
Emin Askerov helps with employment to representatives of socially vulnerable segments of the population of Kazakhstan (disabled people, graduates from orphanages, single mothers, former prisoners), he is also the founder of the school of social entrepreneurship and a trainer in public speaking and business.
On May 17, 2021, students from gymnasium №93, gymnasium named after V.I. K. Satpayev, Karaganda Commercial College, a special boarding school No. 1 for children with visual impairments and a regional boarding school for children with musculoskeletal disorders. (28 people)
The audience warmly welcomed the guest. The participants were eagerly awaiting the interview and went straight to the questions.
Emin’s devotion to social activities arose thanks to his mother, who worked in this field for many years. She conveyed to her son the idea of how important it is to help people.
It was interesting for the children to learn about how the future social entrepreneur’s childhood passed, with whom the guest was friends, whom he was in love with, what he was inspired by when he decided to devote his life to his main occupation, what qualities in a person he considers the main ones, what he enjoys, what he reads and much other.
The guest, whose biography included a period of music lessons, and work in the criminal investigation department, and teaching at Nazarbayev University, and a period of trial and error in the business sphere, knew what to share with the guys.
The young entrepreneur advised the children to “find themselves and do what they love”, and in order to be successful “forget their fears, set goals and strive to achieve them”. “95% of success is you, 5% is external circumstances. It all depends only on you who you will become, ”said the guest of the program.
Emin showed himself to be an extraordinary person who cannot exist within the boundaries of some rules. The conversation turned out to be very lively and interesting. Questions came not only from the audience, but also from the guest himself.
When the time came to choose the best question, Emin showed his originality in this too – he chose not one person, but all. And he promised to soon send everyone memorable gifts – GreenTal-puzzles.
Under the terms of the program, the guest could ask one question to the children, and he sounded: “What should be changed in the education system?” It turned out that the program participants are very concerned about the quality of education in the country and would like to improve it.
Traditionally, the meeting ended with a book gift. From the organizers, the main character received a gift book “Words of Edification” by Abai Kunanbayev.


«The Free Style» art workshop

On May 16th, the next lesson of «The Free Style» art workshop took place. The head of the circle told the children that the art of embroidery is one of the very ancient folk crafts.

Regular readers of the library took part in the circle: pupil of the 2nd “B” class of gymnasium №93 Korkem Erkin, Milana and Alina Tolchevy, the pupils of 2nd and 6th grades of secondary school №78  learned to embroider with beads. In the old days, such embroidery was used to decorate women’s hats, skullcaps, saukele and camisoles.

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