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The Year of children’s literature The Festival «Library diving in Karaganda»

At the site «Territory of inventions» technician-ecological museum of the Karaganda region Karazhanov N.B. told the children about measuring devices that determine the quality of water, air, temperature, etc.
The guys saw an aspirator, an energy meter, a sound meter, a lux meter, a thermometer, a hygrometer, an anemometer, and asked how radiation is measured and what quality is the water in our rivers.
At the site «Algorithm of creativity or how to learn to invent» the guys met with the famous inventor, winner of the republican competition “Energy of the Future”, Ph.D., associate professor of KazATU named after S. S. Seifullina A. Zh. Mekhtiev.
The guest came to the meeting with the schoolchildren not empty-handed. The children were shown devices invented by Ali Javanshirovich himself. The meeting participants were interested in how these devices work, what is their practical significance and what scientific creativity is.
Fans of an exciting game of Rubik’s cube met at the «Color Puzzle» site. The guys demonstrated their collections of Rubik’s cubes, took part in a mini-tournament for collecting puzzles. In 36 seconds, Nikita Vinnikov was able to solve an ordinary Rubik’s cube – this was the best result.
The guys also tried to assemble different geometric shapes from four unequal puzzle pieces donated to the library by a social entrepreneur, founder of the Green Tal social workshop Emin Askerov.
At the «Life under a Microscope» site, the children got acquainted with an optical instrument – a microscope. A microscope for children is an amazing and informative world of macro photography. Through him, the festival participants viewed salt, sugar, bird feathers, leaves, onions, hair. At the end of the event, the librarian conducted a bibliographic review of interesting books about the microworld for children. Children showed curiosity and interest.

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Speaking club

In November 2021, the Abai Library launched a conversational English course for teenagers as part of the Speaking club. The first lesson will be held on November 16th.
The lessons are free and take place in an informal setting. The main task of the club is the practice of conversational skills. Here you can not only acquire new knowledge, but also use what you have already received. During the discussion of interesting and relevant topics, the skills of listening and speaking are trained. Overcoming the language barrier will give you the opportunity to feel more confident and find new friends.
The age of participants is from 13 to 15 years. The Meetings will be held 2 times a month on Tuesdays.


Visited the library

Students of the 5th grade of the specialized boarding school named after Zhambyl decided to usefully spend their autumn holidays and visited the library.
During the excursion, the children got acquainted with the rules for using the library, book exhibitions, the library fund, newspapers and magazines for children, as well as with unusual publications “Lost civilizations: 4D encyclopedia”, “Big children’s 4D encyclopedia” K. Aniashvili.
The librarian dwelled on the book exhibition organized within the framework of the republican action “One country – one book”.
At the end of the excursion, the children said that they often come to the library and expressed their good wishes to the library staff.