Archive August 2022

Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Abai Library organized a book exhibition “Ata zanym aibynym!” to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exhibition presents materials on the stages of formation of the Kazakh state, reference publications on the history of Kazakhstan and the development of constitutional law.

During the years of independence, the Constitution of Kazakhstan has been repeatedly supplemented. First of all, the Constitution remains an expression of the rights and freedoms of every person.

The children were interested in such publications as: E. Shaimerdenov “Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Memlekettik anurany ”, S. Trofimova “Kazakhstan tauelsizdiginin ramizderi ”, F. Sapargaliev “Memlekettik quqyq zhane teoriyasy “, “Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Konstitiutsiasy”. A quiz was held for readers on knowledge of the fundamentals of the main law of the country.


We continue to acquaint our readers with well-known book publishers.

So, the next publishing house is the publishing house «Almatykitap». Engaged in publishing since 1999 and is one of the largest publishing and bookselling enterprises, widely known in the country and abroad.

The publishing house has published more than 3,000 titles of children’s books, fiction, developmental, educational and educational literature with a total circulation of over 40 million copies, some of them were exhibited at many international book fairs.

The most interesting publications for children of middle and senior school age are presented at the book exhibition in the library: encyclopedias, reference books, Z. Turekhan’s fantasy novel «Amina Turan in the land of nomads», the Kazakh folk lyrical epic poem «Kyz Zhibek», etc.

Come! Read!