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Club “Qauyrsyn qalam “

In the library, the authors of Karaganda and the guys who were carried away by literary creativity met again. Children study in different schools of the city, live in different districts, but they are united by their love for poetry and prose. The beginning writers shared their new works with each other during the meeting.
The event was attended by the famous Karaganda poet Vera Alexandrovna Goloborodko. She told how she became a poet, what difficulties and obstacles can arise in the way of a creative person. Poems about winter performed by the author sounded heartfelt.
The guys expressed their wishes for the work of the club. A lot of interesting work is planned for next year.

“Formula of success” with the participation of Madiyar Kasymali.

On December 14, the next shooting of the Formula of Success program on the Saryarqa TV channel took place with the participation of the winner of the International Chemistry Olympiad IChO-2022, which was held in the Chinese city of Tianjin, Madiyar Kasymali. The former graduate of the Lyceum “Bilim-Innovation 1” received a gold medal when he was still at school. Today Madiyar Kasymali is a first-year student at Nazarbayev University.
Students of the Karaganda Machine-Building College, a specialized school-lyceum-boarding school of information technologies, a school-college named after academician A.K. Saginov and Lyceum “Bilim-Innovation 1”.
A lot of interesting questions were asked in the studio, which related to the victory in the Olympics, family and hobbies. Madiyar admitted that some time ago he was fascinated by magic tricks and even succeeded in demonstrating them. The guest showed the guys on the television platform a trick with a “disappearing” coin, which caused a flurry of applause.
To the question “What is your formula for success?” Madiyar replied: “There is no formula for success, everyone is individual, and only the right approach and diligence is important.”

Youth debate

On December 14, on the eve of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, a youth debate “Kazakhstanis – the Nation of the Common Future” was held in the library. The tenth graders of gymnasium 1 and school 91 took part in them.
Debates are very popular among young people. Our intellectual battles were held in an abbreviated “British” format on the topic “Patriotism among youth: reality or myth.”
The speakers of the “Government” team argued the importance of patriotism among young people, cited real facts from life. The “opposition”, on the other hand, brought counterarguments in favor of the fact that patriotism among young people exists only on paper, and that this concept is a myth. Support groups passionately worried about their representatives. The debate was moderated by the coordinator of the debate club Mathison Stefania.
According to the voting results of the competent jury, which included: the coordinator of the debate club of the KarSU, the co-founder of the “Debate League” at the Zhastar Assembly T. Tleulin and the Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Deputy Dean for Educational and Career Guidance of the Faculty of Psychology and Social Work of the Central Kazakhstan Academy G. Zhumadilov.
Speakers of the “Opposition” team of gymnasium 1 won the debate. At the end of the event, the children were offered an interactive game on the “kahoot” platform “Independence Day”.

Solemn ceremony following the Year of Children

On December 13, 2022, in the Karaganda Regional Academic Kazakh Drama Theater named after S. Seifullin, with the support of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the Karaganda Region, a solemn ceremony was held following the results of the Year of Children in the libraries of the region.
Based on the results of the Year of Children and the competition for the Best Regional Libraries in 2022, the Best Project for Children was awarded to the winners.
Honorary guests Omarbekova R.K., Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the Order “Parasat”, the honorary title “Eren Enbegi Ushin” took part in the ceremony of presenting Diplomas and Letters of Thanks; Dyusetaeva B. S., director of the Karaganda regional branch of the TRK “Kazakhstan”; Bekbalakova G.A., cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, veteran of librarianship; Kiseleva I.B., Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Karaganda region, Khamitova A.K., founder of the children’s leadership development center “Daryndy bala”, owner of the badge “Altyn alka”.
The Central City Children’s Library named after A. Gaidar of the Balkhash CLS was awarded in the nomination “The Best City Children’s Library”.
The Central District Children’s Library of the Karkaraly CLS became the winner in the nomination “The Best Regional Children’s Library”.
In the nomination “The Best Rural Children’s Library” – the children’s library of the village of Mynbaev, Nurinsky CLS.
The most interesting and worthy in the nomination “The Best Project for Children”, implemented in the Year of Children, was recognized as the project for working with special children “To make the world kinder” of the branch library 12 for serving children of the Karaganda CLS.
The winning children’s libraries of the region were awarded Diplomas of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the Karaganda region and certificates in the amount of 200 thousand tenge.
Representatives of the education sector, representatives of the public, the media, children’s writers and poets, participants in the regional project “Hour of Fairy Tales and Stories”, partners and sponsors were invited to the festive event.
Letters of thanks from the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the Karaganda region were awarded to:
The best readers are a student of the 9th “A” class of a specialized music boarding school Akeeva Ayazhan; student of class 7 “A” of school 27 Eginbay Madi; student of the 2nd grade of school 23 Yergaly Alikhan; student of the 4th “G” class of the special boarding school 1 for children with visual impairments Kaiyrzhan Nursulu; student of the 7th “A” class of the special boarding school 1 for children with visual impairments Kharrasova Kamila; student of class 5 “b” of school 27 Macedonec Anastasia.
The most reading families are the Vasilechko family, the Inkarbaev family, the Tarabukin family, and the Bizakov family.
Partners, sponsors – director of AYZA Company LLP G.V. Yakimov; head of the Studio of the holiday “Rainbow World” Abisheva A. A.; writer, curator of the Parent University, head of the creative studio “Talent” Voronkov I. N.; Director of Autopark 3 LLP Grigoryan A.M.; the head of the production and trading company “Bogatyr” Bondarenko O.Yu.; Director of LLP “QASYM BASPA Uiy ” Kasembekova A.K. .Baitursynov, school – gymnasium 104 named after Abai, specialized school – lyceum – boarding school “Information Technologies”, school 25; 27, 30.
During the solemn event, a presentation of the joint project of the regional children’s library named after Abai and the regional special library for the blind and visually impaired citizens “The Hour of Fairy Tales and Stories”, implemented in the Year of Children, was held.
During the Solemn ceremony, librarians of the region were awarded letters of thanks from the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Literary Cosplay

Here is December in the yard; 2023 is just around the corner, and 2022, declared the Year of Children by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, is nearing its end. This year, special attention was paid to children. And by the end of it, we also did something special for the guys.
December 9 at RCL named after Abai passed the Literary Cosplay Festival, in which 39 people took part, 4 of them in the family form of performance. Participants in the fashion show demonstrated incredible images from various fairy tales about Cinderella and Pinocchio; from fictional works about the Caucasian captive, Harry Potter; from Japanese animation about Tanjiro Kamado; from the heroic epics about Koblandy and Alpamys batyrs, from the computer game “Genshin Impact”, as well as fictitious images made by one’s own hands were shown. Our cosplayers were able to show off their knowledge in a literary quiz, which was a warm-up before the theatrical production. All willing cosplayers took part in the theatrical production, as well as children from the School of Acting “Like in the Cinema”, the children’s art school 1 UNESCO club.
The most talented participants of the Festival were awarded diplomas for their extraordinary images.
The winners were determined by the audience:
The best reincarnation – Iztoleu Sabina in the image of Dina from the story “Prisoner of the Caucasus” and Kulkeyeva Darina in the image of Cinderella;
The best children’s cosplay – Bolatbekov Magzhan in the image of Kozha from the work “Menin atym Kozha” and Sheluhina Eva in the image of the Snow Maiden;
Best family cosplay – Erika Trofimenko as Alice and her mother Victoria Trofimenko as the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland;
Best MAKEUP – make-up image – Sosnova Ulyana in the image of the Red Queen from the fairy tale “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and Shakirova Saltanat in her fictional image;
Original – cosplay – Shlykov Vladislav in the image of Pinocchio and Akzhanova Alina in the image of Malvina.
During the break between the performances, a disco by the Orange Hedgehog agency was held, which left no one indifferent and made this holiday magical by adding even more bright colors.
Thanks to our partners – sponsors: Yugay A.N. (TOO “Navin-KZ”), Kulmaganbetov A. K. (SPK “Asyl-Tulik Karagandy”), Keneshbayeva I.R. (Children’s goods store “Zamzam”), the store “Cozy Kingdom”, the department of national souvenirs (S.C. “Gallery”), the trading house “Big world of stationery”, the department “Souvenirs” (S.C. “TsUM”), the Store of children’s books and stationery Cocobee, IE Mekeyeva Gulnaz, KinoPlexx Cinema (City MALL Trade House), Saryzhailau Cinema, Palermo Restaurant, Children’s World Department (City MALL shopping centre ) Literary Cosplay Festival was filled with vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.

“Formula of Success” with the participation of Yerlan Amangeldinov.

On December 6, the next shooting of the Formula of Success program on the Saryarqa TV channel took place with the participation of a young entrepreneur, a Karaganda citizen, the founder of the Sweatberry Tours travel agency, a traveler, a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list Yerlan Amangeldinov.
Students of the Karaganda Higher College “Bolashaq” and the College of Economics, Business and Law, as well as students of 10-11 grades of the Shakarim gymnasium gathered in the studio.
The guest of the program, Yerlan Amangeldinov, has achieved a lot at the age of 28. In 2017, he organized a travel agency, independently starting to develop author’s tours. According to Yerlan, not all tourists are satisfied with the trip, often because of fellow travelers, so he set a goal – to create maximum comfort for tourists. Agency “Sweatberry Tours” is one of the largest agencies in Kazakhstan for organizing author’s tours, which employs young enthusiasts. Yerlan has visited 40 countries, knows several foreign languages well.
The meeting participants asked a variety of questions: is our hero familiar with the state of apathy; What football club does he support? what is the best city in the world. Yerlan answered all questions honestly and openly. His life credo: “To be extremely honest.” Everyone also noted Yerlan’s good sense of humor.
At the end of the program, active participants received commemorative prizes from the traveler, he was also traditionally presented with the book “Words of Edification” by Abai Kunanbaev and a statuette – a symbol of success.

The program “Formula of Success” with the participation of Arman Zhudebaev.

On December 1, the SARYARQA TV channel hosted another shooting of the Formula of Success program with the rector of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arman Zhudebaev.
The meeting with the guest was attended by students of the Karaganda College of Arts named after Tattimbet, Karaganda Higher Humanitarian College and students of a specialized music boarding school. The dialogue between the children and the guest was pleasant, very touching.
During the meeting, the guest spoke about his family, childhood, creative path, recalled interesting cases that took place on stage.
As a child, Arman Adilkhanovich dreamed of becoming a football player, but the music prevailed, the charm of the dombra captivated him. Love for dombra, interest in art were transferred to the future musician from his mother.
To the question “What is the strength of dombra and kui for you?” The guest replied: “Kui is a very deep concept. Where there is a kuy, there is a Kazakh, where there is a Kazakh, there is a kuy. Dombra is the soul of the Kazakh people. This is a sacred instrument that has come down to us from the great kuishi Korkyt, Kurmangazy.”
The participants of the dialogue platform learned from Arman Adilkhanovich his formula for success: “Set goals and dream. If you work hard, you will reap the rewards when the time comes.”
During the conversation, young people who chose the path of musical art received valuable advice from the teacher.
At the end of the program, Arman Adilkhanovich, at the request of the students, performed the kui of Nurgisa Tlendiev “Alkissa”.
According to the conditions of the television project “Formula of Success”, the guest chose the best questions and presented the children with a collection of kuys “Uly dala saryndary”, “Khalyk musicasy – ulttyn un-bairagy ” as a keepsake.
The project organizers presented Arman Adilkhanovich Zhudebaev with A. Kunanbaev’s book “Words of Edification” and a souvenir “Formula of Success” – a symbol of success and popularity.