Archive January 2023

School trips

From year to year the library expands the range of its cooperation. In the anniversary year for the library, educational hours began to be held in the schools of the city of Karaganda in order to improve the image of the children’s library and increase the number of readers.
The first trip of librarians was made to the Special Boarding School 1 for children with visual impairments. The conversation about books and literary heroes did not want to end. The librarians told about the history of the creation of the library and the most interesting events of the Temple of Books. The guys got acquainted with new book editions, and were invited to visit the library in the near future. There were many who wanted to. We are looking forward to everyone!

Library non-stop “Come in! Look! Read!”

On January 25-26, students of the 5th-6th grades of the Specialized School-Lyceum-Boarding School of Information Technologies visited the library. For children, librarians held a non-stop library “Come in! Look! Read!”
The librarians warmly welcomed the children. Future readers of the library listened with great interest to the story about how the library appeared, what halls operate, what books modern teenagers read. The new book exhibitions were of great interest to the children. After the tour, the schoolchildren enthusiastically took part in the interactive game “Ertegiler alemi”.

Art workshop “Free Style”

The art workshop “Free Style” continues its work. The girls, under the guidance of Ybraim J., created a headband with a crown using hot glue, colored beads, shiny felt and tulle.

Club “Qauyrsyn qalam “

As part of the literary club “Qauyrsyn qalam “, young poets and prose writers who are interested in modern literature gathered in the library.
Some guys have been members of the club for a long time, and some came for the first time. After getting acquainted, the guys shared their creative plans, discussed the club’s work plan for 2023.
Young authors read their new works, several of them were selected for the almanac ”
Qauyrsyn qalam “, which is planned to be published by the end of the year. Karaganda poet Sergey Rupchev took part in the creative meeting “Poems and I”. He told young people about his work, revealed some of the secrets of the poetic craft. Together with the children from secondary school 46, a teacher of the Russian language and literature, E.Yu. Shilaikes, also came. In her opinion, it is at the lessons of literature that there is an opportunity to notice and develop the gift of writing in children. Club members have big creative plans and ideas. We hope that all of them will come true.

Local history exhibition “Tugan olke – tungan tarikh»

Dear friends!

Librarians present to your attention the local history exhibition “Tugan olke – tungan tarikh”, which will introduce you to the anniversaries of the coming 2023.
This year marks the 355th anniversary of the birth of our great thinker, Kazakh akyn, famous biy and chief assistant of Abylay Khan Bukhar Zhyrau. The phenomenon of Bukhara zhyrau is his word, which touched the deepest vital strings of the people’s soul. Batyrs, who came to the fore in the era of Ablai and became his associates, honored Bukhara as a great man and ideological inspirer. The exhibition presents publications with his works, encyclopedias, as well as collections about the work of Bukhar Zhyrau.
This year marks the 95th birthday of the Kazakh sculptor, honorary citizen of the city of Karaganda, member of the Union of Artists, academician of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan Anatoly Petrovich Bilyk. Anatoly Petrovich devoted much time and attention to monumental art. He created more than twenty monuments and monuments in many cities of Kazakhstan. The artist made the most significant works for Karaganda. In such books as the photo album “Artists of Karaganda”, the sculptor’s creative and biographical album “Life in Art”, the album of art historian N. Ivanina “The World through the Eyes of an Artist” you will learn about his life and work.
75th birthday is celebrated to Kenes Narymbayevich Zhumabekov – Kazakh actor, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, playwright. The name of this person is very well known in theatrical circles, for a long time he was the director and artist of the Karaganda Regional Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named after S. Seifullin. The exhibition presents his books of the series “Eleuli esimder” about people in the sphere of culture and theatrical art.
Of course, the richness of the literary calendar for this year does not exhaust the named dates. The exhibition will run until the end of the year, and therefore will be updated as new editions arrive. We invite everyone to the library!

Books are presented by Avanta + publishing house

Dear friends! We continue to acquaint you with interesting books from famous book publishers. On the shelf are books from the Avanta+ publishing house.
The history of “Avanta” has more than 25 years. While maintaining the accuracy of the encyclopedic approach, Avanta opens up new genres and formats that are interesting to the modern reader. The complex topics in these books are accessible and understandable to readers ages 5 and up. Encyclopedias will answer all your child’s questions!
The book exhibition is waiting for its reader! Come! Read!

Anniversary of Murat Auezov

Murat Auezov, the son of the writer Mukhtar Auezov, has turned 80 years old.
Auezov devoted his whole life to the study of the Turkic, Slavic and Chinese peoples. Throughout his career, he led the Kazakhfilm film studio, was the ambassador to China, directed the Mir TV and radio company and the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Now Murat Auezov, President of the Mukhtar Auezov Foundation, is actively promoting his father’s literary heritage.
In our library there are some books of the culturologist: diary entries of 1978 “Leave to return”, “Onegeli omir”, “Times connecting thread”, etc. We invite you to read it!

Library non-stop “Come in! Look! Read!”

Winter holidays continue… And the library finds new friends again. Children of the 6th grade of lyceum №66 visited the library for the first time. For them, the world of books was very tempting. There were joyful exclamations at the sight of new books, schoolchildren were surprised by the variety of book publications and the comfort of the library. Before becoming a reader of the library, the children got acquainted with its history, rules of use, halls and book stock. They were told about library services and the activities of circles and clubs, they were reminded of the rules of conduct and the rules for handling a book.
At the end of their acquaintance with the temple of books, the children had an interactive game “A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it” on the Kahoot platform.

Republican action “One country – one book”

This year, within the framework of the republican campaign “One country – one book”, Kazakhstanis are offered to get acquainted with the work of the famous playwright and writer Tolen Abdikov.
Tolen Abdikov is a classic who continued the path of Mukhtar Auezov. His books are on a par with the best works of world classical literature, the author’s work serves the ideals of humanity, honesty and purity. The writer is an excellent storyteller and connoisseur of history.
His first story entitled “Raykhan” was published in 1964 in the collection of short stories of young writers of Kazakhstan “Tangy shyk” – “Morning dew”. After him there were many other works. The story “The Right Hand” won special love among the people about the difficult fate of a young man who, by the will of fate, ended up in a psychiatric clinic.
Other works of the writer were also highly appreciated: the novel “Timelessness”, dedicated to the years of collectivization in Kazakhstan, collections of stories “The Unspoken Truth”, “Horizon” and others. On the basis of his dramatic work “There were three of us”, a performance of the same name was staged at the Theater of Young Spectators in Almaty.
His most crowning work is the story “The Burning Wars of Reason” – “Parasat maidany”, for which the writer was awarded the Franz Kafka gold medal and the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A book exhibition in the Abai Children’s Library will help you get acquainted with the work of Tolen Abdikov.