Archive July 2023


On July 18, as part of the Day of Entertaining Facts, the Volcano experiment was offered to the attention of children. The volcano is a very interesting and mysterious natural phenomenon. During this experience, the guys were able to see lava eruptions in the hearth of an artificial volcano.
If you are interested in natural phenomena or other amazing things, we suggest you read the Kazakh popular science magazine “OYLA”


On July 11, as part of the Fun Facts Day, the Bubbles experiment was held.
Together with the guys from school 50, they made soap bubbles with their own hands and compared them with store ones. To create them, we just needed dishwashing detergent, water and glycerin. This can be easily done at home, because everyone probably has all these ingredients.

“Astana – the heart of the country”

On the eve of the Astana Day holiday, the library organized a book-illustrated exhibition – conversation “Astana – the heart of the country”
The exhibition presents books, materials of periodicals, revealing the history of the city of Astana, its formation as a capital, its sights.
Astana is a young, dynamically developing city, from a small city Astana has become one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world. Our young readers found out about this when they got acquainted with the materials of the exposition.
The chronicle of the new capital continues. Thanks to the books presented at the exhibition, we have the opportunity to refresh our memory of the main milestones in the formation of the capital and the upbringing of love and pride for our country.



On July 4, as part of the days of entertaining facts, experiments were carried out demonstrating the power of magnets. The guys from school 50 got acquainted with the concept of “magnet”, learned about the properties of a magnet, acquired new knowledge in the course of experiments.
Also, the children were offered interesting books from the fund of our library with various experiences and experiments.