30 years of the story – the legend of Saurbek Bakbergenov “The Legend of the Golden Man”

Bakbergenov Saurbek (1920-1997) – Kazakhstan writer, publicist, translator, People’s Writer of Kazakhstan.

S. Bakbergenov participated in the battles near Moscow as part of the 8th Guards Panfilov Division. He was the commander of a rifle platoon, a liaison officer of the regimental headquarters. After demobilization, he worked as a correspondent in the republican newspaper “Socialist Kazakhstan”, in the Kazakh State Literary Publishing House.

The story – the legend “The Legend of the Golden Man” tells about the golden man found in the vicinity of Issyk. The author leads young readers to the country of fairy tales; peering into the ancient history of the native land, describing its nature, invites children to get acquainted with it, to comprehend the history of their people.