65 years of the work of Nikolai Nosov “The Adventures of Dunno and his friends”

Nikolay Nosov (1908-1976) – Soviet children’s writer, prose writer, playwright, scriptwriter.

Nikolay Nosov, the man who gave Dunno Dreams and his exciting adventures to readers, wrote in the distant past of the USSR, but these books are still relevant and popular among schoolchildren. According to his works, cartoons and movies were shot and filmed, audiobooks were recorded – and the writer’s work always turned out to be in demand.

In the Flower City live short people – little men, toddlers and babies: Astronomer Steklyashkin, the poet Tsvetik, the scientist Znayka, Dr. Pilyulkin, the musician Guslya, the artist Tube, the mechanics Cog and Shpuntik, Donut, Syrup, and many, many others. But the most famous among the little ones was a baby named Dunno, who became famous for not knowing anything. The main character loafs every day, but at the same time he manages to get into funny situations with his best friend Donut. …

One of the best screen versions of this work, the short film “Shorty from the Flower City”, filmed in 1971.