75 years of the novel “Two Captains” by Veniamin Kaverin

Kaverin Veniamin Aleksandrovich (1902-1989) – Russian Soviet writer, playwright and screenwriter. Member of the literary group “Serapion Brothers”. The most famous work is the adventure novel “Two Captains”.

The adventure novel by the writer “Two Captains” by Benjamin Kaverin was written by him in the years 1938-1944. The novel has withstood more than a hundred reprints. For him, Kaverin was awarded the Stalin Prize of the second degree. The book has been translated into many foreign languages.

The main motto of the novel: “Fight and seek, find and not give up.”

The novel tells about the life of Alexander (Sani) Grigoriev from the provincial city of Ensk, who with honor goes through the trials of homelessness, growing up and war, in order to win the heart of his girlfriend and solve the mystery with which their fate is closely connected.

The novel was twice filmed: “Two Captains” (1955), “Two Captains” (1976), In 2001, based on the novel, the musical “Nord-Ost” was staged.

In 2003, the main square of the city of Polar Murmansk Region was named the area of ​​Two Captains.

It was from here that the expeditions of Vladimir Rusanov and Georgy Brusilov set sail. In addition, the final meeting of the main characters of the novel, Sani Grigorieva and Katya Tatarinova, took place in Polar. The heroes of the novel “Two Captains” in 1995 erected a monument in the author’s hometown, Pskov (published in a book called Ensk).

April 18, 2002 in the Pskov Regional Children’s Library, the museum opened the novel “Two Captains”.