90 years of the tale of Korney Chukovsky "Aibolit"


Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (1882 -1969) - children's poet, publicist, literary critic, translator and literary critic, children's writer, journalist.

Popular tales: “Aibolit”, “Barmaley”, “Stolen Sun”, “Moidodyr”, “Fly-Tsokotuha”, “Confusion”, “Tarakanishche”, “Fedorino Gore”.

“Aibolit” is a children's fairy tale in verses by Korney Chukovsky, one of the most famous children's writings of the author. Published in 1929.

Dr. Aibolit travels to Africa, on the Limpopo River, to treat the sick animals. Wolves, whales and eagles help him on the way. As a result of the selfless 10-day work, Aibolit successfully cures all patients, moreover, chocolate and gogol - eggnog appear as medicines, in particular.

The film is “Doctor Aibolit” (film), “Aibolit - 66” (musical feature film), “Aibolit and Barmalei” (puppet fiddm), “Doctor Aibolit” (cartoon).