About countering terrorism and extremism

About countering terrorism and extremism

Each of us may be a victim of terror and extremism. Countering terrorism is becoming one of the main tasks of ensuring national security.

For the purpose of informational counteraction to terrorism and extremism in the regional children’s library named after Abai for students of 8th grades of KSU “Secondary School 52 named after ac E.A. Buketov ”February 13, 2019, the informational hour“ Religious extremism and terrorism ”took place.

To explain to the participants of the event the concepts of “terrorism” and “extremism” as a global problem; the rules of conduct for terrorist acts, upon detection of suspicious objects, a specialist of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Karaganda region was invited – Dalabayeva Gulnar Bakenovna.

The guys were told about the methods of recruitment in social networks, the consequences of phone calls about the terrorist act, showed the social videos “What do you know about terrorism?”, “Lzheterror”, “Hostage”.

Readers received a memo “Everyone should know about it,” which contains information about actions in case of a terrorist attack, telephone numbers for emergency response, what to do when an explosive device is detected, and how to behave in a given situation.

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