Benefit show «Formula for Success». Meeting with Tamara Asar.

Benefit show «Formula for Success». Meeting with Tamara Asar.

On December 26, the SARYARQA TV channel hosted the next filming of the Success Formula benefit show. The program participants were students of the Specialized Music Boarding School in Karaganda, secondary schools number 86, 17, gymnasium schools number 102, 92. The main guest was a talented singer, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan – Tamara Asar.

In an interview on the set, Tamara Asar answered a variety of questions from children, talked about her difficult life path. Tamara entered the Republican College of Variety and Circus named after Zh.Elebekov without the permission of her parents. Parents wanted to protect their daughter from the difficult path of an artist, they wanted her to become a music teacher, not a person of art. “However, I could not give up my dream, my talent,” says the singer.

The very first song performed by Tamara Asar sounded at the age of 3 at the children’s contest “Koshakanym  kaida  eken ?!”, and at the age of 18 she sang for the first time the song “Renzhimeshi”, which was remembered by listeners of a pop song. The singer also told the guys about one amazing concert that took place in Almaty in 2006 for 3000 people. It was organized by only 3 people. It was an important event for her.

Today Tamara Asar is not only a Kazakh pop star, but also a qualified psychologist. At 21, she continued her education focusing on psychology. In addition, he is fond of dancing, playing the dombra, painting, sewing clothes. Tamara advised children to develop, be versatile, strive for self-improvement.

When the schoolchildren asked “Did you have an interest in reading in your childhood?” In those days, when there was no Internet and telephone, she and her friends read the works of B. Sokpakbayev “Ayazhan”, “My name is Kozha”, books by B. Mailin and others.

Tamara Asar, in a conversation with children, named talented contemporary pop performers who especially impress her – Meyrambek Bespayev, Dimash Kudaibergen, she is also proud of her students, such as Gadilbek Zhanay, Kamshat Zholdybeva, who are constantly in creative search.

The singer advised the children from the boarding school to choose songs for their age, learn to understand them, perform mentally, and, most importantly, not stop there, develop skills and talent. Together with the guys in the studio, Tamara sang the song “Renzhіmeshі”, inviting the student of school-gymnasium № 102 Esenkeldy Shahnaz for the lead singer.

“The formula for success is the command of the heart. Hurry up to your dreams. Hone your talents, ”the singer concluded.

At the end of the program, singer Tamara Asar for the most interesting questions presented a 7th grade student of the Specialized Music Boarding School in Karaganda Karipolle Aigerim a souvenir “Samovar”, and a 11th grade student Esetov Abylai presented a CD album of her songs.

The organizers of the program presented the guest with a memorable souvenir “Formula for Success” and books: A. Kunanbaev “Kara sozi”, “Tulips of Kazakhstan”.

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