«Fun science» – a course that includes elements of physics, chemistry, biology, geography, and natural history.

The task of the laboratory is to show children how entertaining and fun science can be, to awaken interest in science in children, and also to attract children to reading popular science literature.

Fascinating lessons from the library laboratory on the basis of the laws of natural science with an accessible explanation will bring the child a lot of joy and fun. New knowledge in this format is easily perceived by children, classes with librarians will arouse interest in knowledge in children.

The laboratory program consists of 10 practical exercises, namely experiments and experiments. Experiments for children are simple and understandable. In addition, the experiments are based on materials that the library provides for children for free. In drawing up the program, the laboratories adhered to the following principles: consideration of age characteristics, inclusion of all children in active activities, accessibility and clarity, the relationship of theory and practice.

Dates: from February 15, 2019 on the third Friday of each month at 15.00. Duration of employment 1 hour.

Each lesson is accompanied by a review of books and magazines, a demonstration of cognitive videos, cartoons, relevant to the laboratory topics.