Day of information

Day of information

On the 30th of January for the teachers and educators of the KSU “Children’s home for children with disabilities in development” the library staff conducted an information day “Sacred Map of the Karaganda Region”.

The teaching staff was told about the activities of the research center “Sacred Kazakhstan”, about the creation of the list of sacred places of our region (the Center for the development of local lore “The holy Kazakhstan” for the list of sacred places of Kazakhstan at the regional level was offered 43 objects), acquainted with historical information of such sacred places of the region , as the mausoleum of Karazhartas, the mausoleum of Dombaula, the mausoleum of Zhoshi Khan, the mausoleum of Bolgan Ana, the mausoleum of Alash khan, the ruins of Kyzyl of Kent palace and others, through a slide presentation ” Acral place Karaganda region. ”

To the attention of teachers were presented book editions-photo albums about the natural and historical monuments of the region “Saryarka. The Land of Treasures “,” Ylytau “,” Uyq shanshylgan Ylytau “.

Particular attention was paid to the publications received as a gift from the Regional Project Office “Ruhani zhangyru” of the Karaganda region “The native land is a great place” and “The great belt in the history of the nation”.

Today, there have been identified 50 culturally significant sites in the Karaganda region. A careful study and definition of cultural monuments as sacred places is conducted.

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