“NO! to drugs “

“NO! to drugs “

In the library for young readers, the evening of the meeting “Drugs is poisoning for a young life” was held with the participation of pupils of the 8th grade of school №81.

The purpose of the event is to protect children from such harmful habits as alcohol, drug addiction and tobacco smoking; the upbringing of moral, moral qualities, the perception of the value of health and careful attitude to one’s health.

The doctor-narcologist of the Karaganda Regional Narcological Dispensary A.B. Beisekeyeva was invited to the meeting. She explained to the boys the consequences of using drugs that posed a threat to humanity, and urged the meeting participants to avoid using harmful substances.

The children were shown a slide presentation “Drug addiction is a disease of society” and conducted a review of the book exhibition “Drug addiction does not have a path”.


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